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How to Optimize Space in Your Storage Unit for Easy Access

Do you have excess things and want to find a storage unit to store everything in an organized manner to enable easy access? If so, it is the perfect time for the local business One-Stop Self Storage to help your storage needs! They can provide a clean, safe, and secure space for all of your belongings that will be readily available when you need it.

But what if the unit is too big or doesn’t have enough room? No worries, read on to find the ways to optimize the space to access it easily.

image - How to Optimize Space in Your Storage Unit for Easy Access
How to Optimize Space in Your Storage Unit for Easy Access

Number the Shelves to Make It Easier for You

If the unit is a cube, each side will be labeled with the appropriate letter of the alphabet, and the items on the shelf can go in order from A to Z.

For instance, Shelves labeled A would hold things like beach towels or books while those labeled O might contain spices or holiday decorations.

This way, when looking at one particular shelf, everything should be visible without searching around.

Store Smaller Boxes Under Larger Ones

It is crucial to arrange small boxes first then the large ones so that they are out of sight but still easily accessible if needed soon after unpacking your belongings into the storage unit.

This prevents the clutter from getting too high on top of one another and potentially being stacked so high that you can’t reach what’s inside. This is a great way to keep your items organized and in easy view.

You can also opt to pick the exact size of the boxes to store all your things in them. Same-sized boxes will make your stacking easy, and also, you can get to access them easily.

The medium or small packages are the best when storing as they are not heavy and can hold up well at the bottom of large stacks.

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Label the Boxes

 Do you know how frustrating it can be to keep opening boxes, looking for things, and not finding them in the opened packages? It is always best to label the boxes with the contents on the outside, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for quickly.

This is especially important if the person who picked up the unit and stored the items doesn’t know where everything goes. It might take a little bit of time, but this will make packing easier in the future because you know what goes where.

Utilize Vertical Space

By placing larger boxes on top of smaller ones instead of stacking them horizontally, you will be maximizing space and easily access what you want.

This way, if the storage is accessed from the facility’s front door, all shelves are visible with no climbing necessary! That may be an essential factor in your decision because not everyone has enough time to come back every day to get what they need out of their storage units before work the following day.

Keep Paperwork Together

There’s nothing worse than going through all of your clothes only find an important document. Keep the paperwork in one place and label the container so that you can find it easily should the need arise.

You need to know when you mix paperwork with your other belongings, or else you will be forced to remove all other belongings when looking for the document you need.

Use Shelves

Shelves not only take up less space than stacks of boxes, but they also make it easier for things to be organized by category, such as cleaning supplies next to the vacuum cleaner.

The more shelving units you use, the fewer items will need to go on top of each other and risk getting lost- or worse, broken when someone else moves them! If everything is visible from one spot, then no matter who goes into your storage unit, they’ll know where things are without having any trouble looking around.

You can even put smaller bins at the bottom of these shelves, so if anything spills out, there’s an easy clean-up which is what we all want.

The last thing that you will need is wasting time pulling out several boxes in your storage unit to get to the things you need, especially if the time is inconvenient.

With the above tips, you will have an easy time getting the items you want and at the same time have enough space to store the things you want.

When you maximize the space and still be able to access what you wish to quickly, you can be sure to avoid a bunch of headaches later.