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Coffee Brewing Made Simple: The Quick Fix

Mornings are never complete without a cup of coffee. Be it brunch day or a day at the cinema; one needs coffee to feel at home; that’s how indispensable in functionality coffee is as a beverage! There is, of course, the traditional way of brewing coffee over the stovetop, but what if we can get freshly brewed coffee at the click of a button? That sounds like an instant winner!

Professional coffee machines serve this exact purpose. With the increasing consumer demand for coffee–around 75% of Australians consume coffee every day; quick coffee brewing becomes very important, be it at the comfort of your home or your professional environment. Not just quick brewing, but also delicious coffee brewing!

image - Coffee Brewing Made Simple: The Quick Fix
Coffee Brewing Made Simple: The Quick Fix

Types of Coffee Machines

Aussies love their coffee so much that 35% of the population have personal espresso machines.

The rest of them get their caffeine shots in cafes or through takeaways, making Australia’s love for coffee equivalent to their love for outbacks and steakhouses!

Thanks to the advent of technology, coffee machines come from small filters to complex brewers to suit consumer needs! Even professional coffee machines that inherently support high octane brew works come in simple, home-style versions and exclusive brewery quality models.

These machines also support grinding of a variety of beans up to personal choice usually, most automatic machines are best suited for grinding Arabica beans; these professional ones offer suitable models for other beans as well.

A more important distinction is in administration. Coffee machines come in both electric and manual administration techniques. While the former is used in homes due to its ease of access, the latter is used by budding and leading baristas.

Depending on the requirement, coffee machines can be drip, thermal, siphon, or even more unique styles like the Vietnamese Phin coffee machines!

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Why Prefer a Coffee Machine?

Ease of Production

Instead of waking up, heating milk, and grinding coffee beans, a flick of a switch will give you freshly brewed coffee to kick start your day at home! Taken in a professional setting like a cafe, a versatile coffee machine will not only save time but also help you hone your barista skills.

It also produces more coffee quantity-wise, ensuring that no visitor is waiting with an empty cup!


These machines come in varied types of boilers that are suited for all types of localities. These not only have temperature settings (which means you can directly brew cold coffee if you require, instead of chilling it!); they also come with energy-saving options that can upscale your lifestyle.

Furthermore, you can choose whether you need an entry-level or a top-end machine and still avail of peak performance and utility!


Made with state-of-the-art designs and materials, these machines will add instant oomph to your kitchen countertops.

These machines are specially fashioned to suit contemporary design styles and are sure to be showstoppers. They also come in various colors and different types of finishes–glossy, shiny, matte; you name it!

Brew Quality

Machine brewed coffees are better concentrated and have a softer blend. This means you can make your favorite frappuccinos with lesser vessels and more ease! The choice of cloth, metal, and paper filters in these machines ensures that you can choose your choice’s brew quality and taste.

Cost Friendly

Coffee machines come in a wide range of prices. These compact, small machines not only make your kitchen cooler but also come at an affordable price.

High-end coffee machines better suited for professional settings also offer better utility and accessibility while being budget-friendly!

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