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Combustion Analyzer for Home Owners

Combustion is a heat-producing process that happens when fuel reacts with the oxygen in the air. Combustion is the key process of a boiler-based industrial system. But it is also important to measure the combustion efficiency of your private home boilers, heaters, and furnace.

image - Combustion Analyzer for Home Owners
Combustion Analyzer for Home Owners

You need to use a combustion analyzer to tell how well the fuel burns in a combustion chamber. Industries use high performing and powerful analyzers for this task but you can buy a simple handheld digital combustion analyzer for your medium-sized boiler or heater.

So, in this article, I will talk about components, working processes, and usage of a combustion analyzer for homeowners so that you got a clear idea about this device.

Know More About Combustion Analyzer for Home Owners

Before using a combustion analyzer, you should know what is a combustion analyzer? Well, In short, it’s a digital device to measure the temperature, CO, CO2, and Oxygen using sensors and show the processed data on the digital screen.

You will have a clear idea about the efficiency level of any heater or boiler by the readings of the screen.

Why You Need It in Your Home?

A combustion analyzer is used for many purposes. It is great to detect the amount of CO gas and oxygen level in spaces around your home to reduce environmental pollution. Also, you need this thing to determine flue pressure or temperature.

Moreover, in winter seasons, you should employ this device to maximize the fuel efficiency of boilers, heaters, or furnaces.

Home Combustion Analyzer’s Components

You need to know the functions of every key of your analyzer so that can make the best use of it. So, let’s see the components of a common home combustion analyzer.

Normal Buttons:

In most of the digital combustion analyzers, you will see a power on-off button, four navigation keys, device on-off button, a display light button, a print button, and a home key. You can easily operate these buttons by following the instruction manual of the analyzer.

Other components:

A vivid display, flue gas probe, batteries & silicone hose.

Moreover, make sure that your analyzer has an anti-slip rubber grip and made of ABS plastic material.

Working Mechanism of a Combustion Analyzer

If you understand how it works, you can utilize this tool properly. The working procedure is-

  1. Combustion analyzers need batteries to run. So, insert the battery and press the on button. Your device will start and within 30 seconds the sensor index will reach zero position for precise measurement.
  2. Input the correct area, time, fuel code so that your machine can settle calmly with its surrounding environment.
  3. A gas probe or the sampling probe is used to connect the core processing unit. The sensor collects essential data for you.
  4. After inserting the sampling probe into the heater, boiler, or furnace, the sensors start sensing data and send them to the device for processing.
  5. When the calculating unit receives the data, it decodes them and makes them readable for showing on its digital display.
  6. That’s how a simple home combustion analyzer does its task.

Safety Measure

  • Cigarette smoke can affect the main result. So, you should make your house atmosphere fresh.
  • Keep the magnetic holder away from you if you are carrying an artificial pacemaker.
  • Make sure the battery is fully charged before employing this device.
  • Handle the combustion analyzer calmly in extreme cold or hot weather
  • Keep the analyzer in dry and normal temperature
  • Give your device 30-60 seconds every time you press it on.
  • You should not prolong the measurement for a time of more than five minutes. On the other hand, it can cause harm to the sensor or the device.

Final Verdict

The digital analyzer is a handy device that computes and displays the combustion efficiency of fuel-burning equipment. It is a common device for big industries but now the modern combustion analyzer for homeowners is getting popular day by day.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to the nearest marketplace or visit any online store to get a combustion analyzer that suits your need.

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