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5 Common Air Conditioner Problems and How to Fix Them

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s summer.

Of course, that means it’s time to turn on the air conditioning and get that cool air pumping. Nothing quite puts a damper on your summer-like air conditioner problems!

The last thing you want is a bum air conditioner. Rather than letting AC problems become insurmountable, you should have your system inspected and checked for issues.

image - 5 Common Air Conditioner Problems and How to Fix Them
5 Common Air Conditioner Problems and How to Fix Them

Still, HVAC problems can occur even if you’ve taken all the proper precautions. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of five common AC unit problems and their solutions.

So stay cool, and read on.

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  1. Filthy Filters

A dirty filter is often the number one AC problem.

Filters work hard to keep incoming air clean and free of dust and other particles. Of course, that also means they’re liable to become dirty and clogged.

The fix for dirty filters is simple. During the filter’s lifetime, clean it periodically. This is an easy enough way to boost your AC unit’s efficiency.

Also, keep in mind that filters have a limited lifetime. Check the air conditioning installation and filter manufacturer’s recommendation for when to change it, and do so.

See, we told you it was an easy fix.

  1. The Refrigerant is Low

Proper refrigerant levels are critical to maintaining your AC unit in good working order.

Alas, leaks in the refrigerant lines can drain off your AC’s refrigerant levels, which leaves the unit unable to effectively cool the air. This is one of those air conditioner problems that require a serious repair job.

In such a case, you’ll need to get in touch with an HVAC company. They’ll send out a technician who knows how to fix an air conditioner and get you up and running in no time.

  1. Faulty Fan

Sometimes your AC problems come down to nothing more complicated than a malfunctioning fan.

An AC unit’s fans are responsible for expelling the hot air, as well as drawing in air for cooling. If there’s a breakdown in the fans, your unit is not going to cool air the way it should. Again, contact an HVAC company to get this problem fixed ASAP.

  1. Clean the Registers

With a forced-air system, it’s possible for the registers to become dirty and clogged (like the filters).

Ensure that you clean and vacuum these registers to remove dust and dirt. Also, make sure that none of your furniture is blocking these registers and preventing air from flowing.

  1. Check the Thermostat

There may not be a mechanical problem with your AC unit at all.

The problem could be nothing more severe than an incorrectly set thermostat. Sometimes those newer, “smart” thermostats can be a little tricky to program.

Check the manual, and ensure that your thermostat is properly programmed. If you have an older, analog thermostat, it might be time for an upgrade.

Avoid These Common Air Conditioner Problems

These are a few of the most common air conditioner problems that you’re likely to encounter this summer. The fixes for most of them are easy, but make sure you schedule regular inspections from a certified HVAC company so you can keep your cool.

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