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House Flipping 101: How to Flip Houses for Beginners

You’ve heard that house flipping is an excellent way to make money. However, it’s not as easy as buying a house and selling it for profit.

If you’re starting out you’re probably wondering how to flip a house. From funding your project to finding a home in the perfect location, house flipping has a lot of steps before money can be made.

But where do you find financing? How do you choose a house, and what’s the best location?

image - House Flipping 101: How to Flip Houses for Beginners
House Flipping 101: How to Flip Houses for Beginners

Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about house flipping 101 and get ready to make some money.

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There are several ways to find investment property. You can look around your neighborhood for vacant homes or contact a local realtor for help.

Keep an eye out on local foreclosures and auction properties, or call banks and inquire about real estate owned homes.

Negotiating Price

Once you find a house to invest in, add up the costs.

What will you spend on repairs? How much are local taxes? Are there any other fees that come with the house?

Figure out what you think you’ll spend and calculate a purchase price that allows you to still see a profit after everything is paid for.

After you’ve found a house to flip and have negotiated price, it’s time to secure financing.

House Flipping on a Budget

Do you have a limited budget but still want to flip houses? This is more common than you realize. This is why house flippers turn to alternative sources for funding.

Once you have your investment property picked out you can start looking for financing.

Hard Money Loans

These loans come from private investors. They’re short term, averaging around 12 months.

Hard money loans usually get approved fast so you can buy your investment property and start renovating.

Crowd Funding Investments

Another type of loan is a crowd funding investment. This is where you rely on financing from individual investors by marketing your investment opportunity on a crowdfunding website.

As with hard money loans, crowd funding is another fast way of getting cash to flip your first house without the hassle of fees upfront.

Completing Your Project

Be prepared to complete repairs and renovations quickly to reduce the length of time you’re paying the mortgage.

Begin by fixing any broken windows or glass. Simons glass can easily repair and replace any damaged glass so your project can move forward.

Powerwash and landscape your yard to give it an instant facelift and paint interior walls neutral colors. Next, install the carpet in many rooms as possible.

Next, focus on kitchens and bathrooms as potential buyers focus on these upgrades. Don’t spend a lot, but make sure everything looks fresh and new.

Home improvement stores often sell clearance cabinets and demo appliances that may have a dent or ding but are cheaper.

Replace switch plate covers and light fixtures to give the house an updated appearance.

Get Ready to Sell

Once you’ve completed your first house flipping renovation you can work with a local real estate agent to get your property sold. House flipping is a time-consuming project with lots of hard work, but the dividends can be huge.

No matter what home repair services you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. Check out our website for the most up to date information for all your home projects.

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