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Common Solar System Issues: Solutions & How to Find a Competent Service Technician

Apart from reducing the carbon footprint – something that has been identified as a key driver of global warming, installing solar panels in your home has several key benefits including:

– Lower power bills

– Uninterrupted power supply throughout the year

– Low maintenance of your power generation system

– Earning of passive income by selling the excess power generated in your home by selling the excess power generated in your home

However, despite the many advantages that can be attributed to solar power systems, your solar panels will inevitably fail over time just like all other machines and inventions made by man.

image - Common Solar System Issues Solutions & How to Find a Competent Service Technician
Common Solar System Issues Solutions & How to Find a Competent Service Technician

In the article below, the discussion will feature some of the issues that you will likely experience with your solar panel system over time and how to find a great solar service company/technician.

Common Issues That Often Affect Solar Systems & Their Solutions

Here are some of the key problems that you will likely identify with your solar panel systems …

1. Birds & Debris

When solar panels are installed, there is a small space that is usually left between the lower surface of the solar panel and roof. This usually takes a great space for birds to nest.

If birds build under your solar panels, chances are that you will most likely find droppings on the surface of your panels.

These droppings can cover the photovoltaic cells on your panels which will, in turn, lower the capability of your panels to collect sunlight. The same case applies when debris such as tree leaves fall on the top surface of your panels.

The best solution to these issues is to remain constantly vigilant and ensure that no birds are building under your solar panels.

Regularly cleaning the surface of your solar panels will also help ensure that they remain highly effective for their lifetime.

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2, The Need to Replace Your Solar Inverter

An inverter is one of the most important components of any solar system.

Solar panels collect energy from sunlight as Direct Current (DC) but it must first be converted to Alternating Current (AC) before it can become usable by any electrical appliances that you own.

The inverter in your solar panel systems is the component responsible for carrying out this conversion. Though inverters are designed to be durable, they will likely inevitably start failing during the lifetime of your solar power system.

Should your inverter start failing, your backup batteries will most likely store less power.

If you start noticing that your batteries are storing less power than they once used to, it is a pointer that you should start thinking about replacing your solar inverter.

3. Worn Out Backup Battery

It goes without saying that solar panels operate optimally during the day when there is a lot of sunlight.

Once the energy collected from the sun is turned into AC current by your converter, it needs to be stored somewhere for later use hence the need for a backup battery.

If you have a worn-out or damaged battery, the efficacy of your entire solar system will be lower.

To continue enjoying the benefits of solar power energy, consider replacing your backup batteries periodically (perhaps annually).

4. Cracks in Your Solar Panels

The cells in your solar panels can crack over time due to normal wear and tear or if they are hit by heavy debris for example a falling tree branch.

Should cracks occur on your solar panels, the ability of the entire system to collect solar energy will be lowered drastically.

It is, therefore, best to inspect your solar system periodically for cracks and chippings.

Should you notice any defects in the design of the panels, consider replacing the panels so as to ensure that your entire system is performing optimally.

Now that we have discussed some of the most common issues that you may find with your solar panel system, we can now look at how to go about finding the best repair/service technicians.

At this point, I should point out that it is not advisable to service or repair or service your system by yourself no matter how minor the problem may seem without the requisite training and/or expertise.

The best thing is to call in a certified serviceman since they will not only be able to repair existing issues but also identify potential problems which may lower the efficacy of your entire system.

Here are the top pointers on how to find a quality and reputable solar repair and service technician/company:

First, check to see the model and type of solar panels that you have installed.

Note that some solar systems come with a warranty which means that you can only engage a technician who is certified by the manufacturer if you want to get free servicing.

If you are engaging an independent technician, check to see if they have the requisite solar system servicing qualifications such as training and certification from reputable solar servicing companies and/or manufacturers.

Solar panels are installed on roofs and any servicing or repairs which need to be done may mean that you will eventually have to climb atop your roof – which can be quite dangerous.

To protect yourself, only hire a technician who has full liability insurance cover.

Lastly, it is advisable that you engage a repair/service technician who has a wealth of experience handling solar system repairs.

Such an individual will not only be able to repair any existing issues within a short time but they will also be able to inspect and diagnose your entire system for any other issues that may arise in the near future with your solar system.

Further, based on their experience, they will also be able to offer invaluable advice on how you can ensure that your system operates optimally for the foreseeable future.

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