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4 Costly Consequences of Not Repairing Your Hail Damaged Roof

If a hail storm has recently passed through, how do you know if there’s been any damage to your roof? We often think about protecting our cars during hail storms, but hail can also do serious damage to our homes too.

image - 4 Costly Consequences of Not Repairing Your Hail Damaged Roof
4 Costly Consequences of Not Repairing Your Hail Damaged Roof

A hail damaged roof needs to be repaired quickly, or it can cost you, big-time, over the coming months.

Ready to learn more? If so, keep reading to find four expensive consequences of not repairing hail damage to your roof.

1. Damaged Roof Tiles

Hail damage to roof shingles is very common after a big storm. Hail can be large—sometimes as big as a golf ball, so imagine hundreds of golf balls pelting your roof over and over.

Yes—it’s going to cause serious damage. After a big storm, contact a professional like heinscontracting.com for a hail damage roof inspection.

They can inspect for damage to your roof shingles or roofing structures, making repairs as needed. It’s dangerous to go up on your own roof if you’re not trained, so it’s much safer to hire an expert.

2. Mold

Hail damage to your roof often puts tiny holes in the roof, letting water get into your roof and home. Unfortunately, wet walls, roofs, and foundations often develop mold.

Mold loves damp, wet, and dark areas, so it’s often seen in attics, basements, and along with the siding of your home.

Mold is costly not only to your wallet, since it needs to be removed, but it’s also costly to your health.

Black mold is frequently seen in homes and can cause allergies, asthma-like symptoms, and even depression.

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3. Water Damage to Your Home

If your home’s roof is damaged, this means water from future storms is going to drip into your home over time.

However, water damage can be a serious expense, as it can destroy furniture, walls, carpet, and family heirlooms.

Water also causes wood to rot and become weaker, putting your home’s foundation at risk.

Fix any roof damage immediately after a hail storm so that it doesn’t lead to water damage.

4. Higher Electricity Bills

Hail damage that destroys parts of your roof means that your home is going to soon become drafty since air can come in from outside and heat from inside can escape.

If you’re cranking up your heat to warm up your home, but the air is escaping through the roof, your heating bills are going to keep increasing, costing you too much money.

Fix any roofing damage so that your home is insulated properly.

Repair Your Hail Damaged Roof Today

If you have a hail damaged roof, you need to repair it as soon as possible to avoid these costly consequences.

Although you might be putting it off, the small cost of roof repair is nothing compared to the major costs mentioned above.

To get started, look for a local roofing repair company with a good reputation. Then, contact them for an appointment and your roof will be repaired in no time at all!

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