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Wooden Barrel Decor is Unique: Creative Wood Barrel Decor

This article will describe ways to make creative wooden barrel decor. These tips will give great advice on wooden barrel decor and how to use it in your home.

Wooden barrel décor is a fun and exciting way to make your home look more appealing. You will find that wooden barrels come in handy in all different rooms of the home. You can also use them outside for added interest on your porch. Be sure that you consider using wooden barrels when you are thinking of changing the look of your rooms. They are easy to use and great for many different things.

Wooden Barrel
Wooden Barrel

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  1. You can use your decorative wooden barrels for many different things.
  2. Use your wooden barrel for plant holders. You can use real or artificial flowers in them to display in your home.
  3. You can use the barrels for storage. They make a great place to keep extra blankets and clothing.
  4. Use barrels for storing flag poles and other longer pieces that you have in your home. You might want to use them for extra curtain rods, too.
  5. Wooden barrels make excellent garbage cans. Simply put a garbage bag inside it and you can have a fancy looking trash container. Keep it outside on your porch or in your garage for easy carrying on trash day.
  6. You can also use wooden barrels as a place to store your sports equipment. It makes a great holder for balls, mitts, skis and other sports items.
Wooden barrels
Wooden barrels

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A Weathered Barrel

If you want to have a barrel take on a more weathered look, a great way to accomplish this is with a wood colored varnish. It will not be shiny and you can use a cloth to make different types of swirls in along the barrel. It will have a great effect.

To find weathered looking barrels you should scout the garage sales. Many times older people made their own wine and when they pass away there may be barrels for sale. These will have the great look that you long for.

Starting To Decorate Your Wooden Barrel

One fantastic way to make your wooden barrel really unique is by using strings of lights inside it. To finish off this look you will add a glass tabletop. The lights will shine through for a really awesome look.

You can always make a wooden barrel look fantastic by using silky fabrics or ribbons to tie around them. Another great way to decorate wooden barrels is with artificial greens and flowers. Be sure to make it look great.

Decorations on your wooden barrel can be very creative. Try putting stickers of your favorite items on them. This is especially fun in a family that has children because they will love to help decorate.

There is nothing wrong with painting your wooden barrel the color that you desire. After you paint it make sure that you use a varnish over it for protection. It will look fantastic.

Closing Thoughts

Keep in mind that using wooden barrel decor for decorating is becoming more and more popular. When someone sees that you have used one in your home, they will probably want to get one for theirs. Be sure that you tell them all the different ways that you have learned to use your wooden barrels, so that they can make their home look great, too.

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