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Is there No Closet in Your Small Bedroom? Organize Storage Room: Storage Solutions

Organize Storage Room: Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean there is no storage area for your clothes. Many options exist, from a faux closet to showcasing your items as artwork. Be creative and put your hands to work as you discover DIY ideas organize storage room for storage solutions for small bedroom without a closet.

Organize Storage Room for Shoe Storage

When you own a lot of shoes and possess a small bedroom without a closet, use your imagination as you find creative storage ideas for organize storage room. As most shoes have heels, and many doors, windows and cabinets have lips; make your shoes an art collection.

Shoe storage display: organize storage room

Shoe storage display – By Marianne Madden – Via (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Group the most attractive pairs and display them by hooking the heels on the fireplace mantel, the window sill, and on the molding over the door. Not only will they be easily accessible for when you want to wear them, given the high price of shoes, you might as well flaunt them. And while you are at it, consider a display of your favorite purses dangling from a nail in the wall, grouped together like photographs.

Faux Closet: Organize Storage Room

Making your own faux closet, is another tip to organize clothing in your small bedroom. Similar to the mechanics of a ballet bar, this storage solution involves attaching a long rod high enough to hang your clothes.

For organize storage room, use a stud finder and locate the studs in your wall close to the ceiling; as you will be running the bar across the width of the wall, mark out the stud every 3 to 4 feet down the wall. Attach a circular hand rail bracket to the studs at the marked spots. Slide in a long round PVC pipe or a wooden rod, after you confirm that hangers will slide on the rod. Add a second bar, part way down the wall, to create double hanging storage for organize storage room – you can then hang sweaters and jackets on the top rod, and shirts or jeans underneath.

To hide the clothes from view, consider hooking up a retractable clothesline, running the length of the wall, and hanging a curtain.

The Faux Closet With Shelves

One DIY idea organize storage room for storage solutions and organize storage room for small bedrooms without a closet, is the faux closet with shelves. Make this closet by using shelving units and a wooden dowel.

Closet panels open - Organize Storage Room

Closet panels open – By Tami Hills – Via (CC BY 2.0)

Measure the length and height of one full wall. If one wall has a natural alcove, you can use that recessed space for your faux closet, otherwise purchase two tall, thin, shelving units to fit on both sides of your wall ;if you don’t have 3 feet of space between the two units, then only buy one.

Find the studs in the wall, and screw through the side of the shelving unit to secure it to the wall. Measure the distance between the two shelving units, and purchase a piece of board to be a connecting shelf between the two units. Sit the board on the top of both units, and attach it to the wall with brackets underneath. For organize storage room Place storage boxes on this shelf, or use it to store baskets filled with items such as lotions, and hair supplies.

Purchase a round wooden dowel, or a metal, wood or PVC pipe rod, to use as the hanging rod for your clothes. Make sure the clothes hangers will slide across the rod. Locate and mark the walls at the studs. Attach the brackets to the wall and slide the bar into the bracket. Place the bar just below the homemade shelf for maximum hanging advantage. You can also attach a short rod to the actual shelving unit, on the sides, much like you would a normal closet dowel.

This small bedroom solution gives you the shelving units to be used as dressers, for undergarments, sweaters and jeans, while you can hang dressers, slacks and coats from the bar.

Bed Risers: Organize Storage Room

Examine your small bedroom for organize storage room. Closet storage solutions exist in wasted spaces, such as under your bed. Purchase a set of bed risers. These items slip over your existing frame, and allow you to elevate your bed an additional 3-8 inches off the floor.

This extra space allows you several storage options. You can purchase plastic containers or repurpose furniture, such as an old drawer with wheels, and place clothes, sweaters, blankets, coats and sweaters inside and store the containers under your bed. Hide old suitcases, as you fill them with seasonal clothes, and slide them under the bed until you need them, or fill up a drawer with your favorite shoes to easily slide them out for everyday use.

Go Vertical: Organize Storage Room

Go vertical and take advantage of wall space up to the ceiling. Hang cabinets and shelves on the wall that can store CDs, DVDs, books and candles. Make your own free-standing shelves – and hide the storage in plain view – by filling boxes with items rarely used that you still want to keep, and laying boards across them. Place the boxes on the ends of the boards to secure the board, and build up. Place items, such as your hats, trophies, picture frames or electronic equipment on the boards.

Review the furniture in your small bedroom for organize storage room. Closet storage solutions include tall pieces of furniture that do a double duty. Pick tall dressers rather than wide ones, or choose one that includes a pull down shelf that doubles as a desk, or a tall armoire that hangs clothes, but can double as a television stand. Place a large cabinet with several drawers by your bed to store items, rather than a small nightstand. Pick a tall headboard with several shelves you can place books, candles, cell phone or drinks on, or consider making your own headboard. Mount the television set on the wall with the electronic equipment, to give you more space in the room.

Conclusion for Organize Storage Room

As you can see, organize storage room, with a little bit of elbow grease and a small investment of time, you can implement several small bedroom closet storage solutions to suit you.

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