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Let the Decking Lights Illuminate Your Outdoor Space

Lighting can extend the use and pleasure of an outdoor deck, increase security and safety, and make the space more inviting and attractive. As the sun sets you may still stay outside and enjoy your deck and company with a well-designed lighting plan that reduces glare and energy use.

image - Let the Decking Lights Illuminate Your Outdoor Space
Let the Decking Lights Illuminate Your Outdoor Space

Decking lights can be practical and used for safety purposes, shine on an outdoor dining area, used at different levels, – along railings, on steps and to highlight landscaping, architectural features or a pool, fountain, or spa.

FusionLighting can also create an atmosphere or a certain mood on special occasions. Step or deck path lights have a distinct function such as to illuminate safe traffic throughout the deck and yard.

They enhance the view from indoors at night.

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When to Call an Electrician or DIY?

Unless you have worked with lighting before, it is better to work with an electrician. Most outdoor lighting is low voltage using only 12 volts of electricity.

A transformer is needed to power down the 120-volt current indoors to 12 volts outdoors. But before buying one, you need to figure out how many outdoor lights will be attached, plus their wattage.

A Transformer will handle your current wattage needs along with an estimated 25 to 50 volts, so it is not operating at full capacity and it could handle more wattage if you add more landscaping lights in the future.

Many modern fixtures use LED bulbs, they are cost-efficient and energy-saving. Solar lighting has improved but is not strong or reliable enough to provide adequate illumination.

Types of Fixtures

The most popular types of decking lights and areas to illuminate include –

  • Steps – The best fixtures include flush Mounts, surface mounts, Path lights, and weatherproof LED strip lights.
  • Well, Spot or Uplights – they can be used to illuminate paths, create drama by highlighting plant forms, etc.
  • Downlights – Designed to be anchored to walls, eaves, trees, or Patio roofs.
  • Balusters – Illuminated balusters for railings, designed to replace existing balusters or be installed during new deck construction.
  • Post Caps and Rail Lights – Decorative lighting fixtures can be attached to posts or rails.


While most landscape lighting is contemporary and goes with the variety of architectural styles, specialty fixtures are available for certain types such as craftsman, colonial, mid-century modern, and the Mediterranean.

When it comes to lighting, resist the desire to go for an eclectic look, unless it reflects the character of your home’s exterior and interior.

A strategic mix of these modern outdoor lights transforms a deck from a simply functional space into a stunning showpiece, that is well suited for enjoyment and entertainment both by day and by night.

Wrap up

You have put in the work and now it’s time to take rest on the deck. When night falls, you will need some lights to help create a great place to hang out with family and friends and enjoy the night-time sky.

So get the decking light installed to bring some illumination to your outdoor area.

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