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Design Essentials When Selling a Property for Cash

When you want to sell a home, you must know when you want to sell. Life can come at us fast, which can lead to making some pretty quick calls on things like selling a property for cash. The housing market might not be fast enough from foreclosure threats to an immediate need to move for personal or professional reasons.

image - Design Essentials When Selling a Property for Cash
Design Essentials When Selling a Property for Cash

With that in mind, you want to include a few fundamental design essentials that can make your home appealing to cash buyers. Yes, a cash buyer will buy a home in almost any condition, but doing the work now reduces the chances of your asking price bottoming out.

Focus On the First Impression

As soon as the buyer walks into your front door, they should not feel put off. Something as simple as a clean-up of your doors, floors, skirting boards, and windows is a start. So, too, is a fresh coat of paint on everything.

Paint might cost you a few dollars, but that fresh ‘new house’ look can add hundreds, if not thousands, onto the price offered.

The first impression always leaves a lasting image on the buyer. So while you might wish to focus on the potential for a property, you should instead focus on showing the quality of the property as-is. The less work that a cash buyer has to do, the more money they can realistically offer.

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Look for Neutral Designs

Most homebuyers for cash want to buy a home that is easy to turn around and put up for rental or on the market. So, make sure you look for designs that are nice and neutral. Creams, beiges, and whites do a fine job of giving a room that ‘build your own design’ feel many buyers love.

Neutrality makes it easier to get started, something many cash buyers will appreciate. They will reflect that in the price they can offer. Since most cash buyers are looking to turn the home into a rental opportunity or similar, you want to avoid them having to do the same job twice.

Where possible, then, avoid any personal touches that could become problematic to cover up and remove.

Scale Back Personal Touches

As mentioned above, you should make your home feel more like a genuinely up for sale property. Buyers can offer you a better cash deal if they do not spend time and money fixing every room. While some personal touches are expected, the ‘main’ rooms: bathroom, living room, kitchen, etc., should be kept as neutral as you possibly can.

You might think that a bright yellow kitchen looks terrific, but a cash buyer wants to get the home open for lease/rental without having to do excessive amounts of work. If you get rid of the personal touches and accents, you make the flip a quicker job for the buyer.

This is usually reflected in the price. As mentioned above, one of the biggest markdowns in your cash offer comes from the work needed to revert to a neutral design.

Don’t Hide Any Skeletons

You might think a quick portrait over a crack in the wall or a coat of paint over a damaged piece of wall is enough. It isn’t. Do not try to use design techniques to try and hide apparent damage and blind spots.

Not only is this somewhat unethical behavior, but it will likely see a cash buyer offer a much poorer deal if they notice such tricks. If you are hiding something here, what else are you hiding they might factor into the price?

Cash buyers are negotiating with you in good faith, so it is only fair to provide the same courtesy back. Unfortunately, this means avoiding getting the best cash deal by using design tricks to cover up problems with your home.

If nothing else, a cash buyer will go through the property with a fine toothcomb before agreeing to purchase it.

As such, if they believe you have lied during the process, it could scupper the whole deal and put you back to square one. So, do not try to play games and hide potential problems; honesty is always the best policy when selling your home, especially for cash.

Call In Experts for Diy Above Your Station

While you might enjoy some DIY décor, impressing a cash buyer is made easier if you bring in some tradesmen to help you out. Things like fittings of appliances and essential rooms like the kitchen and bathroom should be left to a professional.

While this is a cash sale and your buyer isn’t expecting luxury, the more you can do to help them save their efforts, the less likely it is that you get a poor cash offer in the end. In addition, you can cause yourself more headaches and harm by trying to fix a DIY problem you have caused. You should know what your limits are when it comes to construction and decorations.

So, if you feel like you are making the task harder than it should be, reach out to a professional who can assist you.

Paying an expert is always preferable to being over your head in a DIY project. However, if you believe you are going to cause more damage than good, contact a professional. They could help you to affordably fix the issue and avoid hurting the cash value of your home.

Are You Ready to Sell Your Home for Cash?

The above tips, then, should ensure you are now in a position to contact a cash buyer to enquire about their valuation of your property. Now, the secret is to find a cash buyer you can trust.

For example, for someone trying to sell a house as is in Chattanooga, you could speak to a motivated cash buyer like this. There will, of course, be cash buyers in most areas.

Take care of the above priorities, though, and it becomes much easier to initiate your property sale quickly.