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Designing Your Kitchen Cabinets | London Kitchen Cabinets

When creating your kitchen cabinet design you have to take several things into consideration. The most important thing is the size of the room. Small areas will need more careful planning to create a well functioning kitchen while a large room is easier to incorporate all of the appliances you may have wanted to include. Next you will look at the function of the room.

Designing Your Kitchen Cabinets | London Kitchen Cabinets
London Kitchen Cabinets

Designing Your Kitchen Cabinets

Everybody’s idea of a kitchen is different. Some people will cook 2-3 meals a day, where others may only cook once in a great while a prefer to order take out or to utilize their microwaves more. You will also need to figure out what appliances are most important to you and whether or not your kitchen will function as some other space like a home work area or work space. Whether or not you use your kitchen as an eat in or not can also impact your kitchen cabinet design.

After you have looked at these questions carefully and think that you have the answers, you will need to decide on your layout. There are six common layouts for a kitchen cabinet design. All but one layout uses the work triangle. A work triangle is placing the refrigerator, stove and sink in a triangular pattern from each other in the kitchen. These are the most used areas and by placing them in a triangle, makes them more efficient to the cook of the house.

Wall mounted kitchen cabinets
Wall mounted kitchen cabinets

The first layout is a wall layout. This is the only layout that doesn’t use the work triangle because all of the cabinets and appliances are located along one wall. This is a more common layout for very small spaces.

Galley kitchen cabinets
Galley kitchen cabinets design

Next is the corridor layout. A corridor, or galley kitchen, has the appliances and cabinets on two walls parallel from each other and usually you are able to enter in one way and walk straight through to exit at the opposite end. Again, this kitchen cabinet design is more commonly seen in very small kitchens.

L-shaped kitchen cabinets
L-shaped kitchen cabinets design

Then you have the “L” shaped kitchen and the double “L”. They are called “L” because when looking at the design from the top down it makes an “L” shape with the cabinets and appliances. The last two are the “U” and “G” shaped.

U-shaped kitchen cabinets design
U-shaped kitchen cabinets design
G-shaped kitchen cabinets design
G-shaped kitchen cabinets design

It can be fun to design your new kitchen as long as you know how to plan. So sit down and think about your wants and needs and take into consideration the size of your kitchen and start designing today !

London Kitchen Cabinets

Similar styles and designs can be found all over the world. In the UK you will find an array of designs in kitchen cabinets. Some designs will be more contemporary while others will be more traditional or country. The cabinets that you choose for your London kitchen cabinets  design will depend on the area in which your home is located as well as the decor among-st the rest of the house.

You won’t want to have a french country kitchen if the rest of your house is designed in a more contemporary fashion. Your kitchen decor needs to fit the rest of the house. The design should also be practical for needs in the kitchen. There are many options including open shelving, glass doors or your traditional wood cabinets.

Different materials like glass, wood, vinyl and foil are commonly seen in London kitchen cabinets design. Each has its own unique look and texture. The vinyl cabinets can be easy to clean, while the foil can provide you with great color and finishes with the durability of wood.

Everyone has different style preferences and needs so the final decision will be based upon personal preferences. Some of the most common cabinet companies in London include Second Nature, Burbidge and Form. Second Nature sells wood, foil and vinyl materials in a variety of contemporary and traditional designs. Burbidge offers wood, foil, painted and melamine cabinets.

Form cabinets are of high quality some decorated with solid brass hinges. These are just a few of the companies you will find with London  kitchen cabinets designs. So if you are living in London and are looking for a new kitchen you have many great options to choose from.

Whether you want to make your kitchen a high tech haven or a french country retreat, London cabinet companies have everything you are looking for. Soon you will be enjoying gourmet meals prepared in your new kitchen. Don’t forget to invite your friends and neighbors over for a dinner party to show off your new kitchen. So keep your mind open and start dreaming up your London kitchen cabinets.

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