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How Often Do I Clean That? Developing a House Cleaning Routine

Amidst the Corona Virus outbreak, cleaning your house has never been more important. Using the right cleaning products is as equally important as a house cleaning routine.

Keep reading to find out the best routine to keep your home free of bacteria and viruses.

image - How Often Do I Clean That -  Developing a House Cleaning Routine
How Often Do I Clean That? Developing a House Cleaning Routine

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A House Cleaning Routine

The best thing you can do is develop a regular house cleaning routine throughout your entire household. When asking yourself how often to clean a house, once a week is ideal if you have the time, and remember to use antibacterial products.

However, many of us don’t have a couple of hours to spare, so once a week just won’t happen. If you can’t clean your house every week just make sure you do it as often as you’re able. Perhaps set some time aside every other week.

Bed Sheets

When it comes to your bedsheets you should aim to clean them every two weeks at the very least. However, changing and cleaning the sheets once a week is recommended.

Keep in mind studies have shown that our beds might not be as dirty as we thought. Although no one wants to end up with bed bugs, so being vigilant with your sheet cleaning routine is best. Also, there are some extra steps you can take to prevent bed bugs.

The Bathroom

We all know the bathroom can be a place that harbors many germs. Frankly, some bathrooms can be quite gross. But, if you clean it regularly and with antibacterial products, you’ll be fine and you might even enjoy spending time in your bathroom.

Also, keep in mind that your shower and bathtub are typically dirtier than your toilet. Bacteria found in some bathtubs have been compared to those found in trash cans.

The Co-Director of the Center for Hygiene and Health at Simmons College in Boston, Dr. Elizabeth Scott found 6% of garbage cans had bacteria causing serious skin infection while 26% of bathtubs that were tested had the same type of bacteria.

So according to Dr. Scott, you should be cleaning your bathtub and toilet at least once a week.


Salad drawers contain massive amounts of bacteria. They can contain up to 750 times the bacteria of what is considered safe. Make sure you clean your fridge once a month.


The best way to keep your microwave free of bacteria is to clean up splashes as they happen or at least every week. Instead of just window cleaning, administer a deep cleaning every two weeks.

Your Computer

For many of us, our computers are practically attached to our hips. CNN says that our keyboards contain five times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Just think about that for a second.

Many of us tend to eat sitting at our computer. So, cleaning your keyboard at least once a week is a great idea. Twice a week is probably best for those of you that work from home.

The Rundown

When you embark on a house cleaning routine, remember to use antibacterial cleaning products. Also, remember frequency is key. If you stick by these rules, you’ll not only have a clean house, but you’ll also feel better and more relaxed when you return home after a long day.

Want to learn some other helpful cleaning tips?

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