Concrete cutting refers to the process of concrete grinding or, simply, concrete removal. Home renovations, driveway reconstruction, pavement reconstruction, wire fittings, pipe fittings, and slab removal are all tasks that involve concrete cutting.

To cut concrete, one requires specific tools such as concrete saws. There are many types of concrete saws out there, and each one of them is suitable for different jobs.

image - Different Types of Concrete Sawing Techniques & Their Benefits

Different Types of Concrete Sawing Techniques & Their Benefits

For instance, to cut wall concrete, it is better to go with a wall saw specially designed for vertical use.

Various saws also utilize different sawing techniques, and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Thus, before you commit to the job, it is better to have some knowledge about various concrete sawing techniques.

With appropriate knowledge at your disposal, you’d be able to make better decisions when it comes to choosing the right concrete sawing technique.

On the other hand, you can opt for professional services. These professionals can determine the best tools and concrete sawing techniques necessary to complete a particular job.

You can easily find decent concrete cutting professionals online based on your location. For instance, if you’re based in Melbourne, you only need to search for concrete cutting Melbourne to get the best results.

When is Concrete Cutting Needed?

Concrete cutting is often needed when people decide to renovate their homes. Apart from that, concrete cutting is often required in bigger projects such as road reconstruction and renovation of various other public spaces.

In the case of home renovations, you might need precision-based concrete cutting. In other words, you might need to cut specific slabs while leaving the others untouched.

You might also need concrete cutting to deal with cracks and old concrete. The reasons for concrete cutting can be numerous, but thankfully, the techniques are not.

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Different Types of Concrete Sawing Techniques & Their Benefits

To get you started with your project of concrete cutting, here are some concrete sawing techniques and their benefits:

Floor Sawing

If your project involves cutting concrete on the floor, you will have to use methods suited to it.

Floor sawing is often used during road reconstruction, pavement reconstruction, and driveway reconstruction projects.

For these projects, professionals make use of heavy-duty saws to make deep cuts. It is better to use walk-behind floor saws for projects like these as they can make your work a lot easier.

Furthermore, it is best to leave this kind of heavy-duty work to a team of professionals. An untrained individual can easily do more harm than good to their pavement or driveway.

Ring & Hand Sawing

If your project requires you to make shallow and smooth cuts, it is best to utilize ring and hand sawing techniques.

Ring and hand saws are small and can be held by hand and can easily be used by novices as they’re not that heavy and complex to use.

However, there is still some training and practice required to be able to make smooth cuts with these saws.

These saws are best for working on walls, expansion joints, and small slabs. Ring and hand saws are also quite environment-friendly as they don’t produce much dust that contributes to air pollution.

Moreover, these saws also consume a lot less power as compared to their heavy-duty counterparts.

Flush Cutting

Flush cutting is a technique that involves precise and detailed concrete cuts. Saws used for flush cutting can help the operator cut a concrete slab or wall in a straight line in a very precise manner.

More often than not, this technique is used either for brick cutting of reinforced cuts. This technique requires a lot of training as the aim is to make precise and fine cuts.

One small mistake can sabotage the whole project. If you’re looking for flush concrete cutting, it is better to get the right saws that can help you cut precisely.

Alternatively, you can leave this kind of work to a professional who can deliver the best results.

Hydraulic Sawing

Hydraulic sawing has risen in popularity exponentially in the last few years due to two reasons. The first reason is that it does not produce much noise as compared to other methods.

The second being that it produces significantly less dust and is more or less fume-free. It does not contribute to pollution as much as other methods.

Hydraulic sawing can prove expensive as you will have to invest in a hydraulic saw. However, a hammer and a chisel cannot produce results similar in quality to those of hydraulic saws.

Once you get a grasp of various techniques of concrete cutting, you can easily make the right decision.