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Types of Concrete Cutting Services Explained

If you have a construction job going on and your contractor informs you of the need to employ the service of a concrete cutting outfit you may look lost and confused.

You can’t be blamed, after all this is not your forte and you have not received prior training in the art of concrete cutting.

image - Types of Concrete Cutting Services Explained
Types of Concrete Cutting Services Explained

But then concrete cutting is a key area of your construction project you can’t afford to turn a blind eye to and this is why I have taken the time to break down the various concrete cutting services for you to make informed decisions.

The concrete cutting services that exist are: Wire sawing, Handheld sawing, Wall sawing, Slab sawing, Curb Cutting, Hydraulic Chain Saw,

Slab Sawing

Concrete slab sawing is also known as flat or road sawing. As the name implies this service is used for cutting flat horizontal surfaces like slabs, floors, and so on.

They are the most cost-saving and practical type of concrete cutting service, they have both indoor and outdoor uses.

They are applied in road repair, sidewalk cutting, demolition, and rehabilitation projects and they are deemed to be less stressful to use compared to jackhammers.

Wall Sawing

Wall sawing services are required to make an opening in walls or other vertical erections in a building or other type of construction.

Perhaps you want to fit a window on a wall, make a door, demolish a wall, make openings for Air Conditioners, or make pathways for elevators and stairways.

Wall sawing is deemed the most efficient in any of these situations.

Wall sawing should be contracted only to experienced expertise because precision and accuracy are important here and any mistake can lead to the whole construction crashing down.

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Wire Sawing

This is a unique concrete cutting service. They are best suited for making special openings of different shapes, sizes, and designs in concrete.

If you desire to carry out a controlled demolition, wire sawing helps remove the concerned portion without causing destruction to other parts of the structure.

This method is often used in difficult conditions where the workspace is narrow and confined for instance in towers, bridges, and so on.

Handheld Sawing

This technique is effective for making small openings, trimming uneven edges, and cutting materials like cinder blocks.

Hand-held saws are very versatile and are easy to move around the construction site.

The downside to using a handheld sawing service is that it cannot go beyond making 6 inches cut. This is a big flaw in its effectiveness.

Hydraulic Chain Sawing

The hydraulic chain sawing technique is employed in concrete and brick cutting.

The machine has its own water supply which wets the surface during cutting to remove dust and because it is mechanically operated, it is quite stress-free to use.

Curb Cutting

These cuttings are mostly found in urban areas where pedestrian activities are expected.

Curb cuts allow wheelchair users, impaired individuals, toddlers on tricycles, etc., to move onto or off a sidewalk with less difficulty.

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