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Factors to Consider to Buy the Best Suited Sofa Covers

Here are a few shopping tips for covers for your sofa that will make the apparently difficult task look much simpler.

These are the expert suggestions that will let you know what are the specific things that you should consider before buying so that you end up making the right choice.

Image - Factors to Consider to Buy the Best Suited Sofa Covers
Factors to Consider to Buy the Best Suited Sofa CoversFactors to Consider to Buy the Best Suited Sofa Covers

Since chair or sofa and loveseat covers are simply meant for dressing up your furniture, you should pay attention to different factors that will play a significant role in enhancing the aesthetic value of the furniture. These factors include:

  • The fabric types
  • Its pattern
  • The weight
  • The textures
  • Washing ability and
  • Fit.

It is just like dressing up a human body where fit, color texture of the dress matters the most. However, you must also beware of the fact that slipcovers may not be the seamless solution for a specific type of chairs or sofa styles.

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The Factors to Look For

You should step into the shop with a preconceived notion that slipcovers are for cosmetic change only. These will not change the feel and the underlying structure of it.

Therefore, do not have this notion that if your sofa is lumpy and the springs are jutting out, simply getting a new slipcover will not make it more comfortable.

Otherwise, look for:

  • Look:

There are several looks of covers to choose from starting from loose to flowing and to the tailored ones.

Consider a look that will fit your room décor from a relaxed look to casual effect or even a more formal look. Make sure that your decorating style matches and dictates the look as well as the shape of the sofa.

  • Fabric weight:

All fabric may not be suitable for slipcovers. When you choose a fabric make sure that you follow the general rule and avoid very heavy fabrics.

These may not adapt to the shape of the sofa very well. Choose medium weight fabric to give it a structured look and an easy fit over the piece.

  • Weave:

You must select a slipcover that is tightly woven so that the color or pattern underneath the fabric does not show through the stitching lines unless that is what you want.

  • Texture:

This will add to the look and feel of the covers. Choose a textured fabric that will not only add visual interest but will also resist wrinkling.

  • Shape:

Not all shapes of sofas will allow being slipcovered. If you have a wooden frame your sofa or wooden arms, such a cover is not at all a good idea simply because one will be able to feel it through the fabric. Moreover, the hardness of the wood underneath will not render a pleasant feeling.

Lastly, consider the length of the cover. It should ideally not reach to the floor and on the other hand not fall short to cover the legs. If you have a sofa with a wooden frame, you should see to it that the bottom of it is left exposed. However, if you want to change the look of the cover, you can put a skirt on it.

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