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15+ Different Types of Landscaping for Your Home

As a homeowner, beautifying your property doesn’t only have to do with painting and decorating the interior. Beautifying the exterior is also as important which is what landscaping attains.

With different types of landscaping, the limit is only your imagination. If you’re unable to come up with ideas, below are the different types of landscaping you can use for your home. Also, see here for the best landscapers Albany Oregon.

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15+ Different Types of Landscaping for Your Home

Tropical Landscape

A pool alongside lush, tropical plants like palm trees and bold colors are often present just to create that natural look.

Japanese Landscape

Just to create a conducive space for meditation, rocks, water, plants, and ornaments are often used.

English Landscape

You can bring nature into your yard with an English landscape style. The use of flowers, bridges, and ponds are used to achieve this goal.

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Country-Side Landscape

Picket-fencing, gazebos, antiques, and birdhouses are used to bring this landscape to life.

Tuscan Landscape

You’re sure to love this if you are into Italian themes. It features stonework, fountains, gravel, and urns.

Modern Landscape

Always known for its sleek and sophisticated style with beautiful colors. Furniture cushions, plants, and painted walls are usually noticeable.


Xeriscaping has to do with using plants that need very little water to thrive to beautify your yard.

Desert Landscape

By creating a replica of the desert, plants with bright colors are used alongside fountains, cactus, and sometimes abstract sculptures.

French Landscape

The house is usually the focal point when using the French style. A pool, terraces, and antiques are used to make an extravagant impression.

Mediterranean Landscape

The beauty of the Mediterranean is brought to your yard with the use of the right plants, accessories, fountains, and herb gardens.

Cape Cod Landscape

This simple and elegant landscape type originated from Eastern Massachusetts. The use of picket fencing, shutters, gates, and lamp posts is usually common.

Southwest Landscape

It is known for its native American detail. This type of landscaping is mostly used for arid regions with the use of native plants and colorful building materials.

Colonial Landscape

This type of landscape is designed mainly for survival. With few flowers, the yard can be used for cooking and baking. Fountains, arbors, and picket fencing are commonly used.

Spanish Landscape

This style found all over the world came from medieval Spain. Ceramic tiles, fountains, urns, and benches are mostly used. Sometimes terracotta pots.

Coastal Landscape

These landscapes are very simple and meant to mimic life close to the sea. Marine artifacts, pools, seagrass furniture, and shutters are common features of this type of landscape.

Traditional Landscape

The most noticeable details of a traditional landscape are the use of geometric shapes, symmetry, and repeated patterns.

A knot garden is a very good example of these three features. The garden usually contains boxwood shrubs, brick, stone, pavers, and wood.

Woodland Landscape

This is a low-maintenance option where forest trees, shrubs, and florals are allowed to grow with little human interference. Pathways, benches, and birdhouses help create this landscape.

Landscaping makes your property look extraordinary. With different types provided here, go ahead and realize the true potential of your property.

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