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Need a Closet Redesign? 7 Different Types of Closets You Should Know

The average family in the United States spends more than $1,500 on clothing each year.

With all of this money being spent, it is important that you properly store your clothes to prevent damage.

image - Need a Closet Redesign - 7 Different Types of Closets You Should Know
Need a Closet Redesign – 7 Different Types of Closets You Should Know

Closets come in a variety of designs that can store all of your clothes, shoes, and accessories.

If you are having palm springs closets then it is best as you are having a custom closet that is as per the design you want. The hardest thing to do is to decide on a design for your needs.

Continue reading to discover the best closet redesign ideas that you can include in your home!

1. Walk-in Closet

We have all dreamed of a walk-in closet that can fit 30 people, a television, and a sofa (or some other variation).

Walk-in closets are the most popular redesign idea that can help you properly store your clothes and shoes. A walk-in closet is typically much larger than a standard one and resembles the size of a room.

Having a large closet like this can prevent your clothes from wrinkling because they are bunched up. They can also help you keep your shoes and accessories organized when bins aren’t working out.

When building your walk-in closet, you will need to determine what flooring you want and how you want the shelves. Wood floors can help make the room feel more elegant and can even keep your clothes cleaner.

2. Reach-in Closet

If you don’t have an unlimited amount of space to work with, you can build a new reach-in closet for your bedroom.

Reach-in closets are standard for most homes. They offer a space to hang your clothes, put items on a shelf, and store shoes on the bottom. Most of these closets have carpeting on the bottom, but you can easily replace that with wood flooring.

Try installing shelves and different types of drawers to utilize the entire space. You may also want to add a light inside of the closet to see your clothes better!

3. Italian Closet

If you are looking for a closet redesign that will show off your personality and add a little luxury to your life, Italian closets are recommended.

The Italian closet design is meant to be luxurious and unique. These closets should show the styles you prefer, along with your personality. Every detail of these closets is considered and has a purpose.

To build your Italian closet, you should think about your belongings. Take inventory of how many suits, shoes, and dresses you have. This will help ensure that there is plenty of space to hang and store clothing and shoes.

If you are planning to store your accessories in the closet as well, think about how many drawers and shelves you will require.

4. Armoires

Not all homes and apartments have room for a closet, or they are being used for other items.

When this happens, you can use armoires or wardrobes as a closet. Armoires are considered to be a type of furniture and can make any room look more appealing and interesting.

Most armoires and wardrobes have a section to hang up clothes, along with several drawers. This closet redesign idea is unique and super practical. It can be taken with you, wherever you go!

5. Pantry

For anyone with a passion for food, instead of shoes and purses, there is still a type of closet for you!

By turning a simple closet into a pantry, you can have a convenient location to store dried goods and spices. Many people recommend installing several shelves on the bottom with drawers and cabinets on top.

You can use the middle counter to place items such as your blenders, stand mixers, and slow cookers. Depending on how much you cook, you can include a spice cabinet inside and leave plenty of room for dried goods.

The best locations for pantries are in the kitchen, the basement, or in a storage room. This area will provide easy access while you are cooking. The closer your pantry is to the kitchen, the more efficient you can be. For best quality cabinet makers brisbane, do your research first and then take decision.

6. Linen Closet

Closets can be used for more than just clothing and shoes.

You can redesign a closet in your home so that it can better store your linens. By adding multiple shelves to the closet, you can have space for towels, blankets, and sheets.

Typically, linen closets are located near a bedroom or in a hallway. These should be in convenient locations that can also be accessed by guests. Some modern homes, however, have linen closets in the same room with the washer and dryer.

7. Utility Closet

If you are looking to turn a reach-in closet into something more, you may want to consider a utility closet.

Utility closets can be used to store painting items, tools, and lightbulbs. This should be your go-to area for when messes and damage happen in the home. To fully utilize your space, you can put hooks on the wall to hang mops and brooms. Drawers and shelves can also be installed to help stay organized and keep everything together.

Although you can turn any type of closet into a utility closet, you should avoid doing this in bedrooms. Near the basement, laundry room, and hallways are recommended.

Discover the Best Closet Redesign

A closet can be more than just a place to store your clothes and shoes.

By utilizing this guide, you can discover the best closet redesign ideas for your home. Two standard styles of closets include reach-ins and walk-ins. Walk-in closets are practically the size of a room and can be customized according to your personality and needs.

By turning basic reach-in closets into utility storage, pantries, and linen closets, you can stay organized in every room.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about home improvement and all of the projects you can do yourself!

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