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Different Types of Plumbing Systems

Plumbing is a specialized area which is handled best by professionals. Plumbing is not an easy task which can be performed by anyone. It requires adequate skill and knowledge about the plumbing system.

There are generally four types of plumbing systems applicable around the home. For each plumbing system a specific type of plumber is required.

Different Types of Plumbing Systems
Different Types of Plumbing Systems

Four Types of Plumbing Systems

Before deciding the type of plumber for your house, you must understand the types of plumbing systems of around your house. Different types of plumbing systems are explained below.

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Portable Cold and Hot Water Supply

It is of one of the basic plumbing system around a house. Under this types of plumbing systems, cold and hot water flows through all faucets in the home. The plumbing system allows the passage of hot water and the water is heated on the way to the tap.

It has been seen that most of the houses in urban areas have this types of plumbing systems. The portable cold and hot water supply plumbing system is installed in the back yard of the house close to the exterior of the bathroom.

Drainage Venting Plumbing

Drainage venting is one of the most common types of plumbing systems in commercial buildings, residential houses and industrial units. Drainage venting plumbing system allows the outflow of all the sewage and Grey water from the building through the designated pipes.

This types of plumbing systems also allows the exit of trapped air in sewage pipes. It has been noted that failure in the plumbing system often leads to accumulation of sewage water and bad odor.

To avoid such problems, the plumbing system is checked by the professionals. The designated pipes in the building for the passage of sewage water is connected with a main drainage pipe of the city that leads the Grey water to sewage treatment plant.

Septic System

In some under developed areas, it has been seen that residential complexes are not connected to the sewage system. In such cases, people needs to contact professional plumbers for septic system. It is a small and independent septic system where the sewage water is dumped.

The septic system is made up of components including sand filters, alarms, pumps, septic tanks and drainage area for dumping the sewage, peat moss beds or natural stone fiber filter plants. However, the septic tank needs to be cleared and treated for odor at regular interval of time. Most of the population in country area uses septic plumbing system.

Fuel Gas Piping

Fuel gas piping is the most common types of plumbing systems after portable water system plumbing and drainage venting plumbing. Gas piping is used in the building for variety of purposes other than only using it in gas stoves.

Gas as a fuel is highly inflammable due to which proper construction, repair, renovation and maintenance of gas fuel pipes are required. There are specialized plumbers are available to handle fuel gas piping in a building.

Plumbing system is known to be the circulating system of the house. The plumbing pipes are embedded in the floor and behind the door which carries the sewage water silently outside the house and dumps it into a main drainage pipe in the city. That is different types of plumbing systems.

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