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DIY Bathroom Renovation: 5 Tips for a Successful Project

According to The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), homeowners are expected to budget up to 10 percent of their residential property’s value to fund a full bathroom remodel.

On average, simple bathroom renovations can cost approximately $10,000, while high-end projects go up to $30,000.

image - DIY Bathroom Renovation 5 Tips for a Successful Project
DIY Bathroom Renovation 5 Tips for a Successful Project

Prices are high because renovating a bathroom involves several steps, such as your floor plan, materials, number of fixtures, size of your room, flooring, painting, and other plumbing costs.

Therefore, it is no surprise that homeowners on a tight budget opt for their own DIY bathroom renovation. After all, why spend so much money when you can do it all yourself to save on labor costs at the very least?

Here is all the information you need about how to renovate a bathroom with some bathroom remodeling tips.

1. Functional DIY Bathroom Renovation

One of the best bathroom renovations tips is to focus on your layout before picking up a single tool. It is beneficial to hire professional help to organize plans and prioritize your needs from the first day.

Experts can prevent expensive remodeling mistakes to transform your bathroom into a gorgeous and functional oasis. If you choose to do this yourself, remember to avoid getting swept away by all the latest trends.

This is essential because trends come and go, so you do not want to invest your savings in a fad that will become obsolete in a few years.

The best bathroom renovation advice is to balance chic and timelessness with an eager eye for functionality. Although this sounds simple, most homeowners worry that they may not achieve the perfect design by themselves.

You can still save money by talking to family members and asking them how they want the bathroom to look. This way, you will successfully consider their needs without overwhelming yourself with too many ideas.

There are significant risks during this stage, and one of them is not knowing whether a floating vanity will provide the elegance you expect.

Instead of stressing about not having enough bathroom storage space or the wrong wall-hung basin, click here to get the best bathroom renovation advice from experts that can help you grow your dream bathroom.

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2. Gathering Your Team

It would be the most stressful experience to undertake an entire DIY bathroom renovation on your own. This is because simple bathroom renovations are challenging, thanks to numerous moving parts.

These parts then need to be coordinated to provide the most beautiful result that stays well within your budget. Hiring expert builders can be the most cost-effective solution.

They act as project managers and designers to construct the best designs. But you can also cut costs by bringing your friends together for a fun project. If your cousin has free time on weekends to give you a hand, you should share your vision with them.

Ensure that you recruit people with some experience, especially since they need to take waterproofing seriously. Choose helpers that you feel most comfortable with because communication is paramount.

One wrong move can end up costing you several thousand dollars if you are not careful. Otherwise, an all-inclusive company is the best option since they already have a dream team ready for action at your call.

3. Spend Wisely

After assembling your team for your DIY bathroom renovation, you need to budget for the project realistic. One of the most challenging parts of budgeting is thinking about negotiable and non-negotiable items in advance.

This way, you can sacrifice certain things without going over budget. Your non-negotiable items should be the hero, who your project will be centered around.

If you want to treat yourself to a natural stone luxury vanity that will make your neighbors jealous, you should spend less on all the other items around it, especially if you are close to exceeding your budget.

Avoid letting your friends or family members get inside your head about unnecessary luxuries. There are plenty of cost-effective materials for a successful project that does not require you to always make sacrifices.

You must also remember to put aside 5% extra of your budget for any contingencies. Having this money in your pocket from the start can give you a lot of peace of mind.

This comes in handy if you or others on your team lack enough remodeling experience. To avoid taking out a loan or borrowing funds to pay for your renovations, have that 5% set aside as an umbrella to shelter you on a rainy day.

4. Time Management

Since life is not a reality TV show, many homeowners struggle to get a renovation done in under a week. Renovating your bathroom is a tricky challenge that needs time to progress.

You should always be realistic about your remodeling timeline to avoid getting your hopes up. It is always best to start the project ahead of schedule as much as possible.

This will provide extra time before your deadline to deal with any errors or contingencies. For instance, if you have a plumbing problem during remodeling, you need the additional time to hire a plumber and reorder and replace any damaged materials.

5. Refinish Tubs

Refinishing a bathtub or shower instead of replacing it is one of the most cost-effective bathroom renovation tips. You can save tons of money by repairing a tub instead of removing it.

This is perfect if your tub has an outdated yellowed surface or cracks. If your tub has a lot of chipped paint, gouges, nicks, and other minor problem areas, you should consider a “touch up.”

This involves refinishing your entire tub’s surface to spot-fix the problems. All you need to do is visit a hardware store to pick up some porcelain repair glue.

These typically come in a syringe that squeezes the gel out like a toothpaste for you to easily aim and fill cracks.

Get Your Dream Bathroom Today

With these tips, you are sure to have a successful DIY bathroom renovation project. Simple bathroom renovations do not have to cost a lot of money, especially if you have other areas you need to fix at home.

Always think outside the box to look for cost-effective alternatives. Shop around to find the most inexpensively valuable look-alike materials.

Then you can expect to have the most functional, bright, and clean space that your family will not get enough of. If you enjoyed reading these DIY tips, check out some of our other posts for more information.