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DIY Home Preparation Tips for the Holiday Season

The winter holiday season is just a few days away. If you have family or friends coming over to celebrate Christmas with you, you better ready your home to properly accommodate them all.

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DIY Home Preparation Tips for the Holiday Season

If you try to look around your home, you’ll see that there’s a lot of unchecked areas that need immediate attention. Promptly addressing your home problems will let you fully enjoy the holiday festivities.

Home improvement experts recommend focusing on these 6 DIY projects to prepare your home for the winter holiday season.

Plan for Holiday Lights

Displaying outdoor Christmas lights is one way to spread holiday joy in your local community. Most American homes start hanging holiday lights immediately after or even before Thanksgiving.

That is because the work is not as easy as it seems. Depending on your design, it could take a day or two to complete the light installations outside your home. Developing a plan will help you get the job done early as well as ensure the safety of your home.

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Clean the Fireplace

People love to gather around the fireplace to share stories and play fun games. So, if you’re having guests over on Christmas eve, make sure your fireplace is shining clean and ready to use.

Start cleaning your fireplace by removing the piles of ashes and debris. Once the fireplace is empty, begin scrubbing the walls from top to bottom. Use a newspaper to collect the falling soot.

You may use a hand vacuum for getting rid of excess dust.  For your safety, don’t forget to gear up before you clean the fireplace. Wear gloves and eye protectors.

Work with Exterior Paint

Your exterior deserves equal attention as your interior when preparing your home for the holidays. A fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to transform your home exterior.

Your garage door, windows, roof, and siding are ideal targets for a complete repainting job. Fall would be the perfect time to paint your exterior since its days are warm enough to let the paint dry properly.

Take Care of Your Yard

To avoid worrying about tree branches or debris falling into your HVAC outdoor equipment or power lines, remember to prune or trim your yard trees before winter hits.

Storms and high winds can strike at any time, especially during the winter season. To add, fertilizing your grass, trees, and shrubs during fall will help them survive winter and come out green and healthy in spring.

Power Wash Your Exterior

Your driveway is the first thing people will notice upon entering your home. Thus, you cannot leave it looking dirty when your holiday guests arrive.

Investing in power wash equipment will let you clean your driveways, doors, and windows like a pro. Aside from making your house exterior look sharp as new, power washing also keeps your home healthy by preventing harmful growth.

Give Your Central Heating System a Test Run

Checking your central heating system must be at the top of your priorities for winter preparation. You should test run your heating system to see if it can work without any problem.

Once you notice something wrong during the test operation, call your trusted HVAC contractor right away. If a central heating repair is necessary, it should be done before the cold winter wind blows.

Calling for a home repair in the middle of winter can get you a delayed response since the roads and building entryways are blocked by snow.

When to Call for a New Heating Installation

The heating system is the heart of every American home during winter. The system works to keep your indoors safe and warm when the temperature outside drops below freezing point.

Failure to ensure that your heating equipment is in good working condition will leave your family vulnerable to the cold and other winter diseases.

On average, heating systems can last for about 10 to 20 years. Thus, if you are using the same heating system for a decade or two now, consider replacing it with a new high-efficiency unit. For best results, trust your home’s heating installation only to a licensed and skilled professional.

Aside from providing you a quality heating installation, working with the pros will also help you find the heating equipment that suits your home. Hire an HVAC company today for prompt service!

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