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4 Home Repair Projects You Can Attempt on Your Own

If you own your home, you might want to try your hand at some DIY projects at some point. It’s a great thing to do since you learn new skills, and you can save some money that way. The trick is figuring out which projects you can handle and which ones require professional intervention.

image - 4 Home Repair Projects You Can Attempt on Your Own
4 Home Repair Projects You Can Attempt on Your Own

It makes sense to start with some smaller home DIY projects before working your way up to the larger ones. We’ll go over some relatively minor ones right now, and you can consider whether you want to try one of these or more than one.

Slow Garage Door Repairs

Maybe you notice that your garage door raises or closes very slowly. This happens fairly frequently. A slow garage door can be fixed on your own in some cases, while in others, you might decide to call a repair person.

According to the handyman guide, There are two things that frequently cause garage door slowdowns:

  • The speed setting
  • Poor lubrication

You can check the speed setting by looking at the opening mechanism. Openers usually come out of the box at the lowest speed setting, so try this adjustment first.

If that doesn’t do it, look at the garage door’s tracks, wheels, pulleys, and springs. If they seem dry, you can lubricate all of them with some garage door lubricant you can purchase online or in a hardware store.

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Replacing a Showerhead

You might decide at some point that you want to replace your showerhead. The most common reason is if it does not give you strong water pressure. You want better water pressure because:

  • The harder spray can help with back and neck problems
  • It can wake you up in the mornings

You can pick up a more forceful showerhead at a Lowe’s or Home Depot, or you can order one from Amazon or a similar online marketplace. Once it comes, you can follow the instructions. Generally, all you need to do is unscrew the current one and put the new one on.

The one thing to remember is to wrap the plumber’s tape around the showerhead and connection’s insertion point. This will prevent leaks. You don’t want that perpetual drip that will raise your monthly water bill.

Replacing Your Door Locks with Numeric Panels

You might decide you want to get rid of your old-fashioned key-enabled door locks. You can install battery-operated numeric panels.

Once you have them in place, you can open the door with your smartphone, or you can tap in the numeric code, and it will open. You don’t have to fumble with a key when it’s pouring down rain or snowing.

Generally, this is an easy project. You need the appropriate screwdriver to remove the old key-enabled door lock, and then you can follow the new panel’s instructions. They’re not usually too complicated.

Make sure that you put fresh batteries in the panel before you test it out. You can use your smartphone to monitor how much battery power remains in the panel at any time. The batteries usually last for several months.

You can use a smartphone to unlock your door from across town if you need to let someone in, or even from another state or country. This way, you can let your neighbor in if they’re watering the plants or checking on your pets.

Replacing Cracked Siding Panels

If you have a house with vinyl or aluminum siding, the pieces can develop cracks or other damage. A hailstorm or other severe weather can cause these issues.

It does not cost very much to replace siding pieces, nor is it very difficult. Usually, all you need is a small crowbar and the appropriate replacement pieces. You’ll also need some shears or another cutting method to fashion the appropriately-sized replacement piece.

If you have them, you can use a sawhorse and saw to cut the right size. Just be very careful when using the saw.

You also want to be sure and get the right colored siding. It looks very jarring if you’re looking at a house’s vinyl siding, and there is a single panel that’s a different color than the others.

There are many more home improvements you can make, and as you develop more electrician, carpentry, and plumbing skills, you can attempt them. At the same time, you should know your limits.

If you’re not an experienced roofer, for instance, you probably want to avoid doing a total tear-off and roof replacement unless you have supreme confidence.

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