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6 Beautiful Colors to Choose for Small Bathrooms

Often, people are disheartened by looking at the small bathroom in their house and think there’s nothing much to do about it.

But that’s not true.

With the right kind of design and colors, you can make the bathroom look spacious and beautiful. Yes, colors play a huge role than you think.

image - 6 Beautiful Colors to Choose for Small Bathrooms
6 Beautiful Colors to Choose for Small Bathrooms

In this post, you can check out six beautiful colors that blend well with your compact bathroom giving it a novel look.

1. Purple

Purple signifies extravagance and makes any space luxurious no matter what shade you use.

Does your small bathroom deserve that luxury? Absolutely, yes!

In fact, purple suits versatile moods like mystery and romance. It strikes the right chord between intensity and stabilization.

Choose a deep tone of purple for a bathroom with a pale-colored ceiling. Pearl’s white decor contrasts with it creating an eccentric restroom. In case you are looking for more innovative ideas for your home, you can check out the website Home Spa Select to learn more.

2. Mint Green

Mint green looks misty and has a calming effect on individuals. You will often spot this color in public places too.

When it comes to bathrooms, mint green works the best when paired with baby pink. So, you can paint the space in mint green and match it with pink decor for a bubbly vibe.

On the other hand, white decor in a mint green bathroom or vice versa accentuates the calming effect.

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3. White

Before you judge us for suggesting white, hear us out.

White color reflects all the light and makes your powder room look slightly bigger. It warms up the place and calms down the spirits.

If you find pure white wearisome, try out the other white shades. Each shade of white has a story to unveil.

One shade may brighten up the room and the other shade may tone down the mood. For example, pearl white and cotton white may seem the same but they leave completely different statements.

Compliment the white surroundings with wooden bathroom decor and you are left with a charming bathroom.

Don’t you let anybody say white is boring anymore?

4. Icy Blue

Though blue is a popular choice, a bright shade of blue doesn’t look great in confined spaces. But there are plenty of other blue shades to choose from and some of them don’t disappoint us. Icy blue takes the cake here.

Icy blue is a refreshing shade of blue that goes well with any space including tiny bathrooms. The color represents the coldness of the ice and the warmth of the water. That sounds as good as peanut butter and jelly. Well, it looks equally cool.

Common recommendations to pair with icy blue include grey and gold. But you can try pale beige to add a twist.

5. Cherry Red

Red doesn’t fit everywhere. But cherry red is not so stubborn.

Bathrooms in cherry-red haven’t attained enough recognition yet as not everyone dares to go for the bold red.

But once you try it, there’s no looking back because house owners who chose cherry red powder rooms are satisfied with the lush look and have zero complaints.

The outstanding view becomes a unique mark in your house and steals the guest’s attention from the small size of the bathroom.

Cherry red walls with white ceiling look surprisingly royal. You can install white bathroom decor, as well.

6. Storm Grey

What if you’re unsure about choosing between light and dark colors? You choose a color that lies between them.

Grey is a neutral color that is sophisticated enough to appease everyone. Some colors will require you to change the bathroom tiles. You wouldn’t face that problem with storm grey as it fits all basic types of floors and ceilings.

We don’t think storm grey is cheerful, but it is soothing and creates a mature ambiance.

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