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10 Tips for Designing Your Dream Bathroom

What do you want to build a dream bathroom? Well, it all starts with little imagination and some useful tips if you work on these tips you can get your dream bathroom in actual.

Here presenting some useful tips to get you your dream bathroom easily. Gaze upon them and let’s start working on bathroom layouts and designs.

image - 10 Tips for Designing Your Dream Bathroom
10 Tips for Designing Your Dream Bathroom

Having a luxurious and fully functional bathroom is every homeowner’s wish. Once in life we definitely picture a bathroom design and work on its layouts in a budget-friendly environment.

Additionally, we may only spend a little while in our bathrooms each day, but having one that makes washing, showering, and bathing a delight can potentially be life-changing.

If you are thinking to remodel bathroom in your home, Make sure to read and follow these tips before it gets started.

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Layout and Design Preparation

Always start from the pre-layout design preparation. If you do not plan anything and start implementing things directly well it can cause heavy loss and mislead you from the target.

Analyze and calculate each and everything first. It includes spacing storage plumbing and interiors, etc.

Try to consult a contractor if you need, this will help in overcoming issues that you want to sort out before starting redesigning step.

  • Take measurements of the actual space you have available and draw a simple plan on paper with your fixtures measured in space. Popular trends look glee virtually but a good design cannot work on small space.

It will be a disaster in actuality. So choose the design right according to the measurements of available space.

  • Relocation also an important factor If you plan to relocate items such as the toilet, sink, or shower, then you must require to change the plumbing layouts.
  • Search online designs as well. You will definitely get some creative ideas even in your range from internet surfing. As we all know the internet is full of inspiring bathroom designs, it will surely give you advice on how to design your own.

Define Your Budget

It is always good to define your budget, well we all know the bathroom remodeling can be cheap or expensive depending on the selection of designs. There are always two ways to calculate your budget in the start,

Firstly you can check the accessories cost online because the designs and accessories are available on the internet. It is good to check the cost of the budget assumption.

Secondly, you can also hire the professionals if you are planning to bring in professionals such as plumbers, tilers, and general contractors, always allow a reasonable amount to cover their working time.

Save the extra penny for any unexpected extras that may arise in the process

Find the Right Contractor

After the layout designing and budget analyzation here comes another important step that is choosing the right contractor for redesigning.

In this case try to approach a minimum of three contractors, discuss your layouts and designs with them, and then start working on the initializing steps. Try to explain to them more and more about your design and listen to them as much you can.

They are the professionals of their fields they are experienced and the way a professional contractor sees the things a common man cannot do this. They can offer helpful advice and potential alternatives that you may not have considered before.

That’s why It’s always worth listening to the advice of contractors as they can educate you on the best approaches to avoid any major hurdles along the way.

There are plenty of websites online where entrepreneurs offer their services and are reviewed by former clients. Try to get your contractors to give you a quote or at least a reasonably accurate estimate of the work involved.

Function Over Fashion

Always prefer function over fashion. Does not fall for superficial beauty. Consider you have all full tech bathroom but it is not durable in use then definitely you will not love it at any cost.

A bathroom should be practical and functional for everyday use. It’s very easy to get carried away by installing the latest fancy fixtures and accessories, but what you actually want to worry about is that does it includes all the essentials such as toilets, sinks, vanities, shower, tub, and all-important storage and shelving.

Suitable materials

Choosing suitable material is also a very important task. Do not go for the cheaper material because it will get damaged soon and also results in wasting money. Every bathroom style is different from others choose bathrooms material according to the selecting layout designs.

If your bathroom is going to endure heavy use and could possibly contain a lot of moisture buildup, be sure to choose materials that can handle such occurrences.

Go for higher-end, better-quality fixtures rather than cheaper budget options. They will end up getting damaged faster and you will be replacing them soon, costing you more in the long run.

Storage and Shelving

Proper storage and shelving are a must in any bathroom. If your bathroom is very space-saving, try adding expanded shelving in the shower stall or hanging storage units on the walls where space allows.

Good Lighting

Choose lighting that generally makes the entire space luminous. If your bathroom does not have a window, you may need to consider installing ceiling lights or backlit mirrors above the vanity to increase light levels.

If possible, you can even install a skylight or solar tunnel to bring more natural light into the room. Ultimately good lighting effects a lot in bathroom restyling, dark and dingy lighting will not be appreciable at any cost.


Same like other accessories, you need to make sure you choose an appropriate flooring material that can withstand large amounts of moisture. Resistant floors like ceramic or porcelain tile will be a better choice than carpet, real wood, or laminate.

Colors and Finishing

Clean, simple designs will always outlast boldly. Most classic bathroom designs stick to a simple color scheme of soothing cool tones. Bright, garish colors in the bathrooms are big no.

Similarly, old-fashioned colored bathroom furniture like avocado is simply designing failure.

Use white fixtures such as the toilet and bathtub and add subtle pops of accent colors to the walls that match and blend with your towels, flannels, and bathroom rugs, if you want your bathroom to have a timeless beauty,

Final Finish

The success of bathroom restyling depends upon the final look. By following your contractor instructions carefully you should be able to work on a premium finish that will make your bathroom look like a million dollars.

Always be clear about your ideas about what you want. Maintain an open dialogue with your contractor.

This will ensure your contractor absolutely clear on what you want so that there are no unwanted surprises. It will also save you from later uninvited arguments for sure.

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