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How to Use Multiple Colored Crystal Salt Lamps During Home Décor

Himalayan salt lamps are prepared from salt crystals that are approximately 250 million years old from the Himalayas mountain areas in Pakistan. They have been gouged out to permit space for a light bulb or heating element. The Extracted crystals come in a range of shades comprising different colors such as white, peach, pink, reds and also orange.

One can select a natural or sculpted shaped lamp. The lamps can be sculpted into a number of shapes such as pyramids, cones, bowls, spheres and blocks among others.

When one uses the crystal salt lamps, the heat from the lighted salt lamp attracts moisture. This leads to evaporation of water through salt which results in emit of negative ions. The number of negative ions a salt lamp can emit depends on the size.

This, therefore, means if the room is big, a bigger lamp is required to guarantee more negative ions are produced.

How to Use Multiple Colored Crystal Salt Lamps During Home Décor
How to Use Multiple Colored Crystal Salt Lamps During Home Décor

Negative ions generated by the salt crystal lamp into the atmosphere are good and create no harm. This is because the negative ions restore and neutralize air quality. They can also be used to treat the ailment and improve health.

Most homes are full of electronic appliances such as televisions, microwaves, computers among others. These electronic appliances can lower our energy levels resulting in one feeling tired because they emit positive ions.

However, the use of crystal salt lamps in homes where positive ions are polluting the air can help neutralize the air. Balancing of negative and positive ions is useful since it helps decrease airborne impurities.

How to Use Multiple Colored Crystal Salt Lamps During Home Décor

There are different décor ideas one cause during interior home designs. This article focuses on discussing interior home décor ideas using different salt lamps.

Research demonstrates that different colors of light affect the body in dissimilar ways. Salt lamps produce a warm orange glow. This makes them a great source of light for the evening and during the night. They are recommended for use in the bedroom since the light they emit does not affect sleep.

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Using Orange USB Salt Lamps in the Living Room

It does not matter whether you have a small or big living room. This is because the glow of the orange light coming from the salt lamp will bring a comfy and relaxed feeling.

The finest part about these USB salt lamps is that they can effortlessly blend with any style of interior décor so there is no need for one to worry whether the lamps will blend with their current interior décor.

Orange USB Salt Lamps in the Living Room

Purple Bulb Color in the Study Room

USB salt lamp with a purple bulb can be used in the study room or area. This is because it provides a gentle glow of the salt lamp when one sits in their comfy reading corner at the day of a long day, reading his or her favorite book. The purple color provides a gentle glow to bring about a cool feeling.

Purple Bulb Color in the Study Room

Bold Yellow Crystal Salt Lamp in the Attic Room

The attic room is the room directly under the roof. Due to its position, this room receives a lot of natural light making it’s interior bright.

Therefore, there is no need for dominating light, the room can benefit from a small but bold yellow crystal salt lamp placed at the corner. This will give the room an ambiance of warmth.

Bold Yellow Crystal Salt Lamp in the Attic Room

Pink Salt Lamp in the Bedroom

A pink salt lamp is a special décor which can be used in any room in the house. However, they are perfect for the bedroom because they bring a sensual and welcoming environment. The pink light is perfectly placed in the bedroom for the dawn glow of sunrise and twilight bliss of sunset.

The salt lamp will glow during sunrise and sunset regardless of whether it is on or off hence the best place placement in the bedroom.

In addition, the salt lamp can play the role of rosy decoration in the bedroom. In addition to a fixed bedside lamp, a salt lamp can be placed at the bedside table or can also be placed at the floor next to the table.

This crafts a vibrant and imaginative way of styling the bedroom. The lamps are safe when used in the bedroom since they do not affect sleep in any way. As a matter of fact, they clean the air allowing one to sleep calmly.

Pink Salt Lamp in the Bedroom

The more one thinks, the more ideas one can get on how the Himalayan salt lamps can be useful in interior home decorations.

Therefore there are many ways one can make use of the salt lamps and also bulb colors to give your home a touchy and unique design. Once one experiences the beauty of the Himalayan salt lamps in home décor, there is a possibility of becoming fond of them due to the beauty they bring within your home.

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