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Basement Waterproofing – When is the Ideal Time to get it Done?

Prevailing weather conditions undoubtedly affect the outcome of basement waterproofing activities, but if there is leakage, you must fix it as soon as possible to avoid damage to the adjacent structure.

Basement Waterproofing – When is the Ideal Time to get it Done
Basement Waterproofing – When is the Ideal Time to get it Done?

Let us highlight on few important aspects pertaining to basement waterproofing activities in the paragraphs that follow under the sub-topics:

  1. Impact of rain on waterproofing activities
  2. Impact of low temperature on waterproofing activities

Read on for more information.

Basement Waterproofing – When is the Ideal Time to get it Done?

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  1. Impact of Rain on Waterproofing Activities

The rain has a direct effect on the waterproofing work. However, it is a different matter altogether if you are using polyurethane crack injections. But if it is an actively leaking crack, the epoxy resin will not stay glued to the crack if the weather is wet and it is raining.

As such, you cannot consider epoxy resin as a reliable mode of repairing cracks during the rainy season. What about the traditional methods of waterproofing?

  • Traditional Waterproofing Work

Regardless of whether the leak or damage is severe or just mild, it is never a wise move to carry out complete basement waterproofing or any part in the exterior of the house during the rainy season due to the following reasons-

  • You cannot ask workers to work on a surface that is soft and wet. It is the same as working in a marshy or quicksand surface. It becomes too messy for you to work.
  • It is quite likely that there might be instances of “cave-in.”
  • It is not just that the work becomes difficult, but there is a considerable danger to the life of workers too. And as mentioned above, this happens mainly due to the cave-ins.
  1. Impact of Low Temperature on Waterproofing Activities

Just as it is not a wise move to spend money on waterproofing during the wet season, cold weather is equally bad. Let us see why-

  • Experts usually say that if you want to coat the foundation, it is advisable to use a product that has a solvent in it. As such, water-based coatings you must not get.
  • Since the temperatures are freezing during the cold weather, the solvent based coating you are using must be allowed to “cure” for at least 48 hours. Moreover, cold weather means there is a frost, which could be heavy on the foundation, thereby upsetting the strength of the structure.
  • Using solvent-based coating means it will smell for a week as it has a nasty odor that lingers on and which is not very pleasant.
  • During the winter season, a cycle of “thaw” and “freezing” makes it even more challenging to work in a streamlined manner.

Not all contractors will divulge the difficulties that you might face during these seasons. So, when is the best time to deal with the problem? For more information, get in touch with Complete Basement Systems basement waterproofing.

In a nutshell, to get the best value for the money you spend on waterproofing and excavation activities, you must hire contractors during the summer season. Also, as far as waterproofing is concerned, it is best to do while you are building the structure for the first time.

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