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Double Door Entry Mats

If there is a double door at your entrance area, you must choose a double door entry mat. It gives maximum coverage to the entryway of your house.

The double door entry mats are made of sturdy and durable material. Therefore, the double door entry mats resist against the regular wear and resist the damage due to its practical design.

image - Double Door Entry Mats
Double Door Entry Mats

There are varieties of top-quality and stylish double door entry mats. From modern, contemporary to the classic theme, you will find the double door entry mats that would match your budget and style.

Double-Door Entry Mats Reviews

If you are looking for top-quality double-door entry mats, we have curated a list of the excellent-quality double door entry mats. Following are some of the best-quality and best-value double door entry mats:

1. Green Breeze Imports Double Door Abaca Weave Doormat (72″x32″)

Green Breeze is a super long, rectangular-shaped, and imported-quality double door doormat. It is made of the natural abaca fiber, which is loaded with a great many features.


  • Made of the extremely strong and powerful Abaca natural fiber
  • Designed to last a good many years
  • Mat does not integrate or get torn anyway
  • The double doormat is thick, dense, and heavy.
  • It withstands the wear and tear of the high traffic areas.
  • It is a washable product.


  • For a double door entry mat, it is quite an expensive product – priced at $109.

The dimensions of the Abaca natural outdoor mat are 72 inches by 32 inches. It is the best double door entry mat.

2. Kempf Double Border Large Coco Coir Mat

This is an excellent-quality double door entry mat, which can be used as an indoor as well as outdoor entrance rug. Its dimensions are the 24×72 inches.


  • It is a hand-tufted double door entry mat.
  • The mat is made of vinyl, rubber, and coil material.
  • The rug has tough backing.
  • It has a stylish and gorgeous design.
  • It sufficiently stops the mud and snow.
  • Due to its heavyweight, the mat does not slide or glide around.


  • Users have complained that the double door entry mat sheds a bit.

The consumers have certified the fact that it is a durable and long-lasting product. You must consider this product before buying a double door entry mat.

3. Esschert Design Rubber and Coir Doormat, X-Large

This is an extra-large rubber and coir doormat, which is perfect for the placement at any entrance. It is stylish, functional as well as the affordable product.


  • It has an attractive and stylish design.
  • It is a coir doormat, which is equipped with the best-quality curls.
  • It is a long-lasting product, which offers easy cleanup.
  • It has an extra-large rectangular shape.
  • It has rubber backing, which holds rains, snow, mud, etc.


  • Consumers have complained that the border of the entry mat is poorly constructed.

All in all, Esschert Rubber and Coir mat is a sturdy, durable, and powerful mat. The coir increases the overall beauty of your front door and brings on a positive vibe.

Why Should You Need a Double Door Entry Mat?

There are many reasons that compel you to lay down an entry mat of your double door. Here is why the necessity of a double door entry matarises:

1. The Size of the Door

If you buy a normal entry mat for your double door, there could be lots of space left. Rain, mud, dirt, and debris can enter your house anyway. For an entrance double-door, you need a double-door entry mat.

2. Protection of the Floors

Your floor at the entrance area is a high-traffic area. A single-door mat would only cover an area of the floor. It would not protect the entire entrance floor area.

In order to protect your floors against regular wear and tear, you need the double door entry mat.

3. No Accidents

You may have hardwood, tiles, or other slippery floors. The double door entry mat lets you wipe the shoes, and prevents slipping, tripping, and falling accidents to a greater extent.

4. Overall Appearance

Double door entry mats are decorative items, which add greatly to the overall appearance of the front door.

This is why; you should need a double door entry mat for your entrance area.

How to Choose a Double Door Entry Mat?

Following are some of the factors that you must keep in mind while choosing a double door entry mat:

1. Size

The size of the double-door entry mat is the first thing that you must check. You must buy a double door entry mat that perfectly fits well your entrance area.

2. Weight

The mat should be heavy so it does not get lifted due to air gushes. It should stick to the floor and do not glide around.

3. Material

You must check the material of the mat. It must have a rubber backing. Vinyl and coir material should be 100% high-quality.

4. Good Construction

The mat should have sturdy construction. So, it does not shed or get torn apart.

User Guide of a Double Door Entry Mat

While buying a double doormat, you must ensure the following features:

  1. It should be sturdy, heavy, and powerful.
  2. The entry mat is the first impression of your house. You must make sure to buy the most attractive doormat.
  3. The doormat should have a rubber backing, which makes it waterproof.
  4. Make sure to only buy the abrasion-resistant, chemical-resistant, and wear-resistant doormat.
  5. You may check the doormats of different brands, and then decide to buy the one that suits your budget.

Top Features of a Double Door Entry Mat

Following are the top features of a double-door entry mat:

  1. The doormats have absorbent fiber, which locks in water and liquids.
  2. Exceptional-quality doormats feature the 100% top-quality rubber backing.
  3. Ideally, the doormat should be low-profile, anti-slip, and durable.
  4. The doormat must be pet-friendly and user-friendly.
  5. The mats must offer easy-cleanup as well as should be low-maintenance.


Double-door entry mats increase the appeal and beauty of your house’s entrances. The double-door mats have a functional and practical design, which keeps the mud, rain, snow, etc. out of the house. They are long-lasting and low-maintenance.

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