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How to Be Safe While Using Weed Killer?

A weed is nothing, but a simple plant that grows in the most unwanted places. Some of the popular weeds are- crabgrass, chickweed, and dandelions. The main problem with the weeds is that they spread easily. They produce seeds generously, and the germination takes place very fast with them.

image - How to Be Safe: Weed Killer Guide
How to Be Safe: Weed Killer Guide

Seeds that stay inactive for a longer time span can also grow to some strong weeds. They conquer the high-traffic areas and sucks the nutrients from the soil. Some of the preventive measures are stated below.

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Stay Cautious While Cultivating

The creation of a new garden bed is an exciting task, but on the other hand, it is a daunting task too. While creating the new garden bed, it is nearly impossible to avoid tilling or hand cultivation. See why it is important to stay careful.

It is the best way to supply oxygen to the soil and blend organic materials. While performing it, the unseen things are the buried seeds of weed that lie inactively just underneath the soil surface.

If any of the seeds are moved by any chance, at the top of the soil surface, it may wake them up and boost up their germination process. Once you are fully done with creating the new garden bed, do not perform unnecessary tilling or cultivate them unnecessarily.

Application of Pre-emergent

Considering chemicals as an option in the first place can be beneficial for you, especially when you are trying to prevent the growth of weeds in your garden. There are multiple Pre-emergent herbicides available out there that prevent the weed seeds from causing the growth.

These herbicides are particularly prepared to target some specific weed combinations or weed families. Apply the chemical before the weed seeds start to sprout, during the early spring or just after you are done with cultivation.

Water acts as a catalyst in this case and activates the pre-emergent. Therefore, do not forget to spray some water, as applying water helps the herbicide to reach the seed and nullify it.

Eliminate Bur-bearing Plants and Grow Plants at a Close Distance

Many people keep the habit of bringing young plants from the local nurseries. These plants introduce your garden with weeds. The most hated specialty of weeds is that they are very good when it comes to spreading.

So, a thorough inspection is necessary and check whether the new plants are not bringing any unwanted weeds in the garden. In case you spot sprouts or seeds, pluck them out before planting it into the garden.

Open space and the areas with sunlight attracts the weeds the most. So, grow flowers, shrubs, and vegetables as close as you can. Avoid rows, and use block spacing to avoid open areas, so that the weeds are unable to grow.

Pulling off Weeds

If you are into pulling, you might find it endless. But, if you are constant about weeding the garden, it will give you the best possible results. Try to remove the unwanted stuff, before it even reaches the seed.

In this way, you are also removing at least 100 hundred offspring of the weed. Make a weeding schedule, and stick to it accordingly. The best time for weeding is when the plants are young, and the soil is wet or moist.


So, we can finally say that, when you will be putting all your efforts into creating a picture-perfect garden, you will also be crafting the perfect spots for weeds to grow, unfortunately.

But, if you follow the simple and easy above-mentioned steps, you can prevent the unwanted shrubs from your gardening areas.

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