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5 Natural Ways to Kill Weeds Without Using Harmful Chemicals

Weeds are often disliked because they destroy the good plants in your garden. Moreover, they can make your backyard look ugly. Hence it is essential to kill or remove weeds before they harm your landscaping.

There are tons of chemicals and pesticides available in the market to help you get rid of the weed. But these pesticides can also affect other plants. Hence it is better to use natural remedies to kill the weed.

image - 5 Natural Ways to Kill Weeds Without Using Harmful Chemicals
5 Natural Ways to Kill Weeds Without Using Harmful Chemicals

Here are some ways you can use to kill weeds in your garden without using harmful chemicals.

Vinegar and Epsom Salt

The vinegar weed killer recipe with Epsom salt is one of the best ways to remove weeds. To develop this solution, you’ll need vinegar with high acetic acid levels. Then you’ll need a spray bottle in which you can mix up the vinegar and Epsom salt.

Once you’ve mixed the solution, let it settle for some time and spray directly over the weed plants.

This solution is easy to make and highly effective in removing weed plants from gardens. Moreover, it is a homemade solution, and the ingredients are cheap too. Plus, it is entirely natural and safe for other plants around the weed.

Spread Newspapers

When you spread newspapers over the weeds, you deprive them of sunlight and oxygen. These are the two things that any plant needs to grow. So once you stop them, they’ll die eventually.

Create a thick layer of newspapers and wet them a little so they hold their places well. Using this technique, you can decompose and increase the nutrient levels in the soil.

This will also help in the growth of other plants in a better manner.

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Spray Boiled Water

Whenever there is a weed growing in your garden, boil some water and sprinkle it directly over the weeds. This will burn the weeds instantly and keep your garden safe.

Dig Them Out

Digging the weed out from its roots is also an effective solution. You can use a shovel or any other tool of your choice to dig up the weed and get rid of it.

While this may provide you comfort for one time, it is not a lasting solution. You’ll need to take out your tools every time it grows back. Do this only if you have enough free time and like to take care of your plants on your own.

Burn with Flames

This is a risky process of eradicating weeds and needs to be done under supervision. You can buy a propane tank and burn away all the weeds instantly.

However, it is better to stay away from this method and use it only as a last resort to get rid of weed as it can be dangerous and harmful to its surroundings.

Killing weeds naturally is essential because using chemicals can destroy your favorite plants too. Here you’ve seen multiple natural ways to get rid of the weed.

However, if you want to find a long-term solution, you should try the vinegar weed killer recipe with Epsom salt.