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The Easiest Floor to Clean for Your Child’s Playroom

As I’m sure your child’s first nappy change taught you, children are agents of chaos. And with chaos comes mess.

Between deciding that they would be better off decorating the floors with their own artwork and wondering what would happen if they crammed slime into every open space, children are curious little things unaware of the value of the material objects around them.

The innocence is adorable, yes, but cleaning up after them is less so.

Whether you’ve gone with laminate, solid wood, orLVT flooring, there is a guide to maintaining it here.

So, if you’re having trouble maintaining the flooring in your children’s playroom, read our handy guide to keeping it in the best shape for when that playroom becomes a room that they’re telling you to “shut their door” from.

If Your Playroom Has Laminate Flooring…

Laminate flooring is the popular choice for one main reason: practicality. It is ideal for new parents due to its scratch-resistance, easy maintenance, and its water-resistant options.

On top of that, it is the more affordable option against solid wood, although it doesn’t offer the luxurious feel and look that solid wood does.

However, laminate flooring isn’t indestructible, despite its scratch-resistance, and you should still fit your child’s furniture with felt pads to make sure any fort-building that requires moving the bed doesn’t result in damage to the floor.

You can add a large fluffy rug to keep scratches to a minimum, and perhaps make initial attempts at walking a little easier, for a little extra coziness.

When cleaning your laminate flooring, unless you’ve gone for the water-resistant option, never clean with a wet mop. Water can cause laminate flooring to swell and bubble, so instead use a hover with a brush initially to remove any dust and debris.

If you’ve got something stubborn stuck down there, like paint or glue, you can use a mop with an approved laminate flooring cleaner. It’s best to do this right away so your laminate flooring doesn’t get damaged by moisture.

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If Your Playroom Has Lvt Flooring…

If you are looking for a water-proof option for a particularly messy child, you should look to LVT flooring. LVT flooring, or click vinyl flooring, is the vinyl option offering a vast range of designs printed on a waterproof surface.

It’s another affordable option for new parents shocked at how fast a child can grow out of that outfit they got last week.

As with laminate and solid wood flooring, felt pads are recommended on furniture to avoid any scratches, but it is very hard to scratch vinyl, making it a good choice for a kid with a lot of toys – especially Legos.

It has a high level of durability when compared to other options, making it a good option for somewhere with heavy traffic, like say a baby’s room where parents come and sneak out of while their child is asleep.

It’s also pet-friendly if your pup likes to take a protective stance asleep at the end of their crib.

Since the floor is waterproof, mopping isn’t as much of an issue as it is to laminate flooring, but it would be best to use an approved LVT flooring cleaner to ensure your vinyl is kept at its best.

You can also invest in a vinyl maintenance kit that will toughen the surface and hide light scratches.

If Your Playroom Has Solid Wood Flooring…

Solid wood flooring is a luxury option. It will cost more than laminate and vinyl flooring but will offer a long-lasting and organic feel and look.

Solid flooring can be re-stained into any desired color and refurbished to its original state, lasting hundreds of years, but it does take a little more maintenance.

Felt pads are a must, as it is a lot easier to scratch a solid wood floor since it is real wood. Make sure to lift items, rather than drag – even the toybox – and maybe stick to the slippers rather than stilettos.

But don’t panic too much. Light scratches can blend in over time and can be treated with maintenance oils. Harder scratches can even be dealt with by using some light sanding and refinishing with oils and lacquering.

Be aware that real wood will also expand and shrink with different heat and moisture. Plus, it can darken over time.

This can be attractive, giving you a different look without having to lift a finger, but it’s worth remembering so you don’t go using harsher floor cleaners looking for its original color.

It’s also worth remembering whether your floor is oiled or lacquered since they will require different maintenance. Outside of that, maintaining solid wood flooring is rather simple.

If you’re worried about your floor shrinking or expanding with the heat, invest in a thermostat with a hygrometer with it. It’s recommended to keep the room between 45-65%RH to reduce the risk of shrinkage and expansion.

Keep the room between 15-28 degrees to reduce the build-up of humidity – and to keep the little one cozy.

Once you’ve taken that into account, maintaining a solid wood floor is as easy as using a hoover with a brush and making sure your mop is well-drained when cleaning since too much moisture can damage the floor.

Also, look out for a cleaner that suits your either oiled or lacquered solid wood floor.

If Your Playroom Has Engineered Wood Flooring…

An engineered wood flooring takes the best elements of the lot, giving you a luxury feel and look with the practicalities offered by laminate flooring. However, it shares a lot of the maintenance details of both solid wood and laminate flooring.

Heat and humidity are a priority, like solid wood flooring, so investing in a hygrometer is recommended, and the color may change like real wood.

Scratches are as common as solid wood floors and can be prevented and treated the same way, and the same concerns over oiled and lacquered flooring are there, but otherwise, a hoover with a brush and well-drained mop will keep your engineered floor looking good.

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