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Easy Winter Laundry Tips

Cold season requires you to put on more clothes to feel warm and by doing so, your laundry pile gets a little bigger.

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Easy Winter Laundry Tips

Are you seeking some easy winter laundry tips? This post will give you all that and more.

Here you’ll learn how to care for laundry and garments during the colder months.

The Winter Calls for Different Methods of Laundry Care

That sense of ease, warmth, and excitement comes along with winter to put together more intricate and elegant looks. Your clothes, however, need to be very clean, smelling and well looked after for all this.

We’ll give you some quick tips on how to wash, dry, and store your clothes in the best possible way.

In addition, you may want to hire professional laundry services to help with washing and caring for garments.  By doing so you will find that your laundry troubles will be solved.

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Washing Tips

To wash wool, knitting, and other delicate threads, choose one of these two options:

  • Hand washes with mild soap or coconut, without rubbing and without letting soak for several hours.

To extract excess water, do not twist, only squeeze gently. Then wrap the piece in a white towel and press it so that the remaining water is absorbed by the towel.

  • Place the item in the necessary bags and in the delicate clothing cycle before putting it in the machine.

You can use pillowcases with a knot at the end if you don’t have such special bags. The concept is the piece isn’t mixing with others.

To wash heavier clothes in the machine, use white vinegar instead of using fabric softener. It does well strip the soap from the pieces and still functions as a bactericide.

Using a sponge slightly moistened with water and neutral detergent to clean suede leather bits at home. Using a wet cloth to wash the detergent and then dry it with a soft cloth.

And after drying, before placing it back in the wardrobe, the idea is to leave the piece airing in the shade for a while.

Drying Tips

Avoid hanging the heavier parts on the clothesline, particularly those that cannot be ironed, so that they do not deform. Place them instead on a towel, and leave them in the sun.

Do not put the pieces of wool, corduroy, and flannel in the dryer, as they may damage the fabric fibers or shrink.

Try to leave a decent distance between the pieces when stretching. If you do not have an extendable outdoor setting, keep the windows open to ventilate a lot.

If you’ve got a really short clothesline, just wash as many clothes as it’s going to fit, with a little room left over. Placing the bits on hangers is a smart idea to conserve room on the clothesline.

Storing Tips

Winter clothes may collect more mites, since they are heavier, and attract more moths when stored. So, keep the cabinets open to ventilate the interior once a week, on a dry day. Any pieces on a dry day can go out in the sun or get some air in the shade.

Parts of leather and suede can never be left dirty or damp, as the mold proliferates. To secure and prevent them from fading, store the leather parts in ideally dark cotton covers.

If they are not used a lot, it’s nice to let them air in the shade once or twice a month.

Beware of the humidity. You need to keep the cabinets well ventilated if your house is very hot, so as not to transfer moisture on to your clothing.

It is very uncomfortable to open the closet to pick the unique look and the parts have a musty smell, in addition to not being good for your wellbeing.


Winter is one of the favorite seasons of many, as it gives you the feeling of being relaxed and enjoying yourself by staying at home getting cozy and warm.

At some point, during the chilly months, requires you to do more laundry and there are different ways for you to do it. We hope this post has been informative in giving you some actionable winter laundry tips.

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