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How to Eliminate Bad Odours from Your Bathroom for Good

You put candles that smell like forests full of pine trees or cupcakes slathered in vanilla icing on the counter beside a pack of matches. You place a container of floral air freshener in the cabinet underneath the sink, sitting beside the extra rolls of toilet paper.

Towels - How to Eliminate Bad Odours from Your Bathroom for Good
Towels – (How to Eliminate Bad Odours from Your Bathroom for Good)

Eliminate Bad Odours from Your Bathroom

When the bathroom smells off, you use these scented products to make it nice, but they’re just band-aid solutions. If you actually want to get rid of bad odours, you’re going to have to do a lot more.

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One of the reasons that you could have mildew towels is that you don’t let them properly dry, which means they retain moisture and breed bacteria. Another potential reason is that your washing machine is infested with mildew. You’ll know that this is the main culprit when your clothes and other fabrics smell just as bad.

If the washing machine isn’t contaminated, wash the towels on the hottest setting. Use detergent, oxygen bleach — non-chlorine bleach — and half a cup of white vinegar to kill the bacteria. Dry them on high heat and repeat the process if the smell persists.

Mildew can infest other fabrics sitting in your bathroom, including your shower curtain. You can remove mildew from your shower curtain by mixing one part warm water with one part white vinegar inside of a spray bottle, then spritzing it on the surface and drying it with a clean cloth.

How to Eliminate Bad Odours from Your Bathroom for Good
How to Eliminate Bad Odours from Your Bathroom for Good


If you catch a whiff of garbage or rotten eggs, you probably have a sewage back-up. This persistent odour indicates that there something is wrong with your plumbing system.

Call a professional plumbing company like Sewer Squad to inspect your home’s system right away. They will do video camera inspections to see what’s causing the terrible smell. It could be anything from a tree root clog to a broken clay pipe. When they find the underlying cause, they’ll use their expertise to clear or repair the plumbing.

Visit their website Sewersquad.ca/services/drain-cleaning/ to learn about other important red flags and clues that prove you need a plumber to come over. These could save you a lot of frustration in the future.

Toilet Brush

You keep the toilet brush on-hand so that the toilet stays sparkling, but you can’t forget to give it a wash when you’re done using it. Leaving the tool damp with dirty toilet water is going to make it collect bacteria and stink.

You should clean your toilet brush by rinsing it off in the fresh toilet water and then pouring half a cup of bleach over the bristles. Swirl the bristles inside the bowl water, making sure to shake off any undesirable particles. Tuck the lower-end of the handle in-between the seat and the bowl so that it can neatly drip-dry.

Air fresheners and candle smoke only cover up smells, but they don’t stop them. Leaving the odours alone will allow them to fester and get to the point where perfumed products can’t mask them anymore. It’s time to plug your nose, investigate these odours and eliminate them for good.

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