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7 Energy-Efficient Curtains That Work Well with Your Energy Efficient Windows

A lot of work goes into creating an energy-efficient home. You have to be mindful about the direction it faces, the appliances you install, and the quality of the windows and insulation.

You might even spring for solar panels to help generate your own power.

image - 7 Energy-Efficient Curtains That Work Well with Your Energy Efficient Windows
7 Energy-Efficient Curtains That Work Well with Your Energy Efficient Windows

With all of those major elements in place, it’s time to think of the finer details. One of the best ways to boost your home’s energy efficiency is by adding energy-efficient curtains to your windows.

Read on to learn which curtains are worth your money!

1. Best Home Fashion Thermal Curtains

There are a lot of choices when it comes to energy-efficient curtains, and Best Home Fashion thermal curtains are one of the best choices you can make for your home.

You can find these curtains at retailers like Amazon, and they come in 27 different colors and a wide variety of widths and lengths.

They are specially designed with a triple weaved fabric that doesn’t require a liner for efficacy. These curtains have been shown to block out 100% of UV rays, keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

At around $40 per panel, these curtains are a steal.

2. NICETOWN Blackout Curtains

NICETOWN is a major player in the energy-efficient curtain game. Like the previous entry, you can find them on Amazon and have them shipped to you in a snap.

They come in a number of different styles and lengths, including pocket tops and grommets. They also utilize a triple weave technology that keeps the temperature inside your home stable, and they block out light and UV rays.

As an added bonus, they also block outside noise for optimal peace and quiet in your home.

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3. NICETOWN Blackout Liners

It’s no secret that thermal and blackout curtains are the key to boosting your home’s energy efficiency, but what if you don’t necessarily like the look of them?

NICETOWN has the solution for those people who have their eyes on curtains that aren’t specifically designed for energy efficiency, blackout liners! Blackout liners attach to the back of standard curtains in order to boost their ability to block out light and heat in your home.

They operate like NICETOWN’s thermal curtains, and even have noise-reducing qualities, too!

These liners are sold in pairs and come in black, gray, and grey-white to align with the color of the curtains to which they are being attached. Black is the most effective at blocking out light, but the grey-white pair also do an awesome job.

4. Deconovo Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Panel

Deconovo is another fabulous brand that produces quality energy-efficient curtains.

Their standard room darkening insulated panels come in 33 different colors and five different size options to fit most windows.

Deconovo claims that their curtains are made from specific materials that have thermal insulation properties. It might sound like a bold claim, but the reviews on Amazon back up those claims!

If you check out Deconovo’s website, you’ll find a wide variety of curtains that’ll help with your home’s individual needs.

Some of the thermal curtains have fun patterns and look super light and airy. This makes them an excellent option for anyone who wants to add a little pep to their home decor.

5. FlamingoP Thermal Curtains

Are you looking for thermal curtains that really walk the walk when it comes to being environmentally friendly?

FlamingoP thermal curtains are a super eco-friendly option. They don’t contain any formaldehyde and they’re produced in an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory.

They come in six neutral colors, and they come in three different sizes. Unlike most of the thermal curtains on this list, they’re constructed out of a super-soft microfiber fabric, making them soft but also durable.

They also claim to filter out 70% of sound.

In short, FlamingoP curtains are a must-have item for eco-friendly households!

6. Sun Zero Thermal Insulated Curtains

Want to spice things up in your home with curtains that have a little bit of texture to them? Sun Zero has burlap weave thermal blackout curtains that you’re going to adore.

The burlap texture of the curtains will give your home a more of rustic feel, and they have a grommet top for easy installation. Like most thermal curtains, they reduce the noise and light that comes into your home.

You can find these stunners at Bed Bath and Beyond and they’re sold by the panel.

7. West Elm Worn Velvet Curtains

This entry on our list is all about luxe life. You’ve had sparkling new windows installed from someone like burlingtonwindow.com, and you’re ready to add upscale energy-efficient design elements to your home to compliment them. The West Elm Worn Velvet Curtains are a fantastic way to do just that!

These curtains come in a variety of jewel-toned colors like pink grapefruit and regal blue. They have a choice of two different types of linings, cotton, and blackout.

Be sure to choose the blackout lining to maximize their energy efficiency.

They might cost a bit more than your standard energy-efficient curtains, up to $300 for a pair, but they really up the ante on style!

Ready to Add Energy-Efficient Curtains to Your Home?

Making major changes to your home in the name of energy efficiency is a great thing to do for the environment, and it can net you some big savings over time.

Adding on final touches like energy-efficient curtains will only serve to help you maximize your energy-saving goals.

If you haven’t already gotten started on your home decor shopping, then there’s no better time but the present to get started!

Speaking of home decor and design, are you having trouble coming up with the right design plan for your home? We’re here for you!

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