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Essential DIY Wall Decor Tips

It can be easy to fall into a lifeless-looking home when you are working on a tight budget. Wall art can seem like a non-essential part of your home makeover itinerary. But don’t let what’s in your bank account prevent you from owning your own art.

Living with blank walls can make your home look clinical which can get depressing for some. However, with some ingenuity and creativity, it does not take a lot of effort to make a room feel warm and cozy. The existing colors from your wall art can also make a space look more cohesive and aesthetically pleasing to the eye

Get inspiration from these crafty and chic do-it-yourself (DIY) wall decor tips that look top-notch but won’t put a hole in your wallet.

Essential DIY Wall Decor Tips
Essential DIY Wall Decor Tips

Start with an Art Tapestry

Art tapestries are growing in popularity because of the vast possibilities of prints to choose from. Use your wall as a blank canvas and hang your own art tapestry to revitalize a drab space.  Express yourself and select an art tapestry that speaks to you and reflects your spirit.

An effective substitute for expensive art is by looking into wall art reproductions such as Van Gogh’s iconic starlit cafe terrace at night with vibrant colors that can liven up any blank wall space.

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Use a Stencil

The wallpaper can be expensive. But if you are open to getting your hands dirty, purchase a ready-made wall stencil that you can paint over. A floral pattern or a graphic print can add more depth to your room.

You get to decide the repeat of each pattern and shade of colors. If you’re more outgoing it is advisable to pick contrasting hues or choose the same root colors for a more subtle look and added texture to your walls.

A Recollection of Travel Memories

A Recollection of Travel Memories

Use your past trips as inspiration to create a travel themed wall space that displays your personal photographs, postcards, or any prints collected along the way of your tours around the world. Look into ready-made picture frames of different sizes or even a pegboard so you can add and subtract images with ease.

This will serve as a pleasant reminder of where you have been and can work as a great conversation piece when you have family and friends over.

House Plants and Flowers for Your Wall

House Plants and Flowers for Your Wall

The most effective way to bring warmth and character to your wall space is by sourcing fresh flowers or indoor plants that are easy to manage. Filling an empty wall with live plants of different heights and textures is a chic way to brighten up your wall space and clean oxygen in your room.

If you are working on a tight budget think of second-hand vases at a thrift store and fill them with dried flowers instead.

Frame Your Mementos

Have you kept your favorite teddy bear from childhood? Or baby shoes from your firstborn child? Maybe a t-shirt signed by a popular celebrity? Try framing your treasured keepsakes in a shadow box instead of storing them in a dusty closet.

This is an affordable way to make your wall more interesting and can work well for any wall space in your home which will bring back fond memories each time you pass by.

Hang Your Porcelain

Do you own an elaborate Chinaware collection and only use it when there are special guests? Or did you inherit a special plate and tea set from your grandmother? It might be time to take it out of the cupboard and put it up on a wall for all to see.

Choose select pieces that work well for your wall space and mix and match the sizes and shapes for an interesting and elegant look.

Vintage Fabric Hanging

A vintage rug from an exotic trip abroad or a family quilt that you don’t use can be repurposed as interesting wall décor art.

Use a sturdy wooden base and string to stretch an area rug, a colorful sari, or an exotic blanket to add more texture and color to blank wall space in your bedroom or living room that can complement the existing furniture in your home.

Exhibit Your Children’s Art

Use clean modern frames in basic colors of white, black, or natural wood to give a professional feel to your children’s art. Display their masterpieces with pride and joy.

This won’t cost much and it will be something they can look back fondly at once they are older. Children’s art will be a charming addition to a contemporary family room space.

Found Objects

Did you pick up a random object which you found interesting while on your routine walk across your favorite trail? It could be a doll, a small sign from a now-closed restaurant, or even a skateboard left by the side of the road.

A found object when propped up on a shelf or leaned up against the wall can serve as an interesting conversation piece and work as décor at the same time.

In Closing

Nobody wants to live in a plain-looking room or house day in, day out, but oftentimes we are dissuaded from spending on art because there is a preconceived notion that it might cost us a fortune.

Repurposing objects into decorative pieces and using your creativity is an effective way to make inspiring art to display on your wall. Not only will it revitalize your living space but it will reflect your personality, making it feel more warm and intimate.