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3 Essential Tips for Choosing a Mesh Screen Door

Security is essential for any building, including residential premises and commercial property. As a property owner, you need to have ample protection to have peace of mind. There are various ways of enhancing security on your property.

You can install closed-circuit television cameras (CCTVs) or hire a security guard. However, the initial thing to consider when boosting security in your premises is to make sure your home is inaccessible to intruders. And a quality mesh screen door will keep out intruders from your premises.

image - 3 Essential Tips for Choosing a Mesh Screen Door
3 Essential Tips for Choosing a Mesh Screen Door

Luckily, you can purchase premium security doors from a reliable company that offers solutions to security doors and windows and other security components. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a premium burglar-proof door.

Consider the Material

As you install a security door, pay attention to the material used to build the door. Aluminum and steel doors are more secure and durable than carbon fiber and wooden doors.

But aluminum doors are the best since they endure shock efficiently than other materials. The main factor for opting for a wooden door is the general look. Yet, aluminum can be integrated with other materials such as glass or fiber to give a more elegant appearance than wooden doors.

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Protection Against Collision

When selecting a security door, choose the one that is powder coated instead of painted. Paint doesn’t last under the sun, and it isn’t insusceptible to heat. That means you might have to maintain your door more regularly when you opt for a paint finish.

There are two main ways of protecting security doors against corrosion. The manufacture may heat dip to galvanize the material and then powder coats it. However, such a practice has advantages and disadvantages. Although powder-coated doors don’t rust, they are not guaranteed to remain in the doorway for many years.

In addition, the life of the powder coating depends on the door location. If you live near a sea, salt blown by the wind and atmosphere tend to strip off the powder coating. Therefore, it is crucial to select a door that has been coated with powder down to the doorframe and minor components. With proper upkeep, you can ensure that your door remains resistant to corrosion for many years


When choosing a design for your security door, go for something creative and absorbing. Remember that your door is one of the first things a visitor or passer-by sees. That means it reflects the kind of personality and lifestyle you have. So, do not hesitate to make an impression.

A reliable company that offers solutions to security doors will provide you with various designs, styles, and colors. That means you don’t have to settle for a pub-looking door. With a range of options available, you are assured of getting one that suits the complete style of your home and budget.

With the given tips, you should make the right decision when selecting security doors for your business or home property. Having a quality mesh screen door offers you peace of mind since you will be assured that your properties are secure. Furthermore, you will cut down on some costs.

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