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7 Types of Security Doors for Your Office.

Security doors are simply taking the security game to the next level. What’s the saying again? Being security conscious is precious.

Security doors are a great way to double the security in your home or office. They are often perfect for offices because offices have a lot of valuables that require maximum security.

image - 7 Types of Security Doors for Your Office.
7 Types of Security Doors for Your Office.

This article will discuss 7 types of security doors for Your Office

7 Types of Security Doors for Your Office

Security doors are made with extra care to fortify your home against intruders and other factors like the elements and even insects.

These security doors come in many sizes and shapes with distinct features. These doors usually ditch the wood and use more sturdy and durable materials in their construction; materials like steel and/or aluminium.

The features; hinges, locks are also customized and made essentially for durability. Below are Seven Distinct types of security doors for your office.

1. Single Security Doors

these security doors are the most common of them all. They are of the first degree of security and they can be customized according to the preferences of the customer.

They are usually characterized by their heavyweight, they are often made of steel with two or more locks.

2. Laser Doors

these types of doors are the kinds seen in movies that go a little extra. These bring about a different level of customization depending on the preferences of the office and the need for security.

These kinds of doors are more likely alarm triggering lasers rather than actual pulverizing lasers. They are available as single doors and they are also available as double doors.

3. Double Security Doors

double security doors are characterized by two doors in one. One main door and a second one that can be kept shut or open.

This is a model of French doors ideal for homes, but they have been incorporated into many workplaces recently.

These doors are very sturdy, made of either steel, aluminium, or a blend of both, have double locks and come in all shape sizes, and colours.

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4. Mesh Doors

mesh doors are another form of security doors ideally made for warehouse offices. They are made out of steel mesh which is difficult if not impossible to rip, with a glass panel that can be removed if need be.

These doors are not only perfect for office security, but they could also be incorporated into homes

5. Stainless Steel Security Doors

this kind of door is one with a high level of security; this door often has a shock absorber, heavy steel mesh, and triple locks.

The hinges are often a class apart, made of steel, and impossible to rip off. The shock absorber helps prevent damage from the elements.

These kinds of doors are often found in bank entrances and most office entrances. The Stainless steel security door could also get customized locks attached to it.

6. Small Diamond Grille

This kind of security door is often used in warehouses because of its small holes and aluminium properties. Another characteristic of this security door is that it is made of brass and can also be customized.

7. Heavy Gauge Doors

this kind of security door is characterized by sound control., a shock absorber to keep out harsh weather and drafts. They can be customized and have a double lock.


Security is really important for homes, offices, and even public areas hence the need for security doors. There is always one to meet and define your security goals as well as fit into your budget

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