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6 Valuable Tips for a Rental Application

Millions of people live in rental homes all over the world. Many times in top cities in prime locations, a rental property tends to get many applications. For the landlord to pick an application from the many offers submitted, the application should be able to convince the landlord of its merit.

valuable tips for rental applications
6 Valuable Tips for a Rental Application

Tips for a Rental Application

The following are some of the valuable tips for rental applications that improve the chances of the rental application being accepted by the landlord:

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Cover Letter

Filling out the form for the rental application is a basic step in applying for a rental property. But along with the rental application, it is also a good idea to have a strong cover letter with the application.

This letter should be formal in nature, must specify all the documents attached to the application and also a short reason why the applicant wants to rent the property. It should also mention the references that are attached to the rental application.


It is important to boost a rental application with references. This helps the landlords get a better idea about the tenants that are applying for the rental property and helps the landlord make an informed decision.

Co-workers, neighbors who have lived next to the tenants, building managers from previous rental properties of the tenants are all excellent references. Good quality references will help boost the chances of the rental application and better the chances of the applicant of getting the property on rent.

Pay Slips & Identification Details

Generally, a rental application requires renters to attach pay-slips with the application. This confirms the source of income and job status of the renter and gives the landlord a guarantee that rent will be paid on time.

Also, it is essential to give the right identification details with a photo ID attached to the application. Generally, there is a detailed list of all the documents and forms that need to be filled and attached to the rental application. Being fully prepared with documentation is always a good idea.

Rental History

Rental history is an important aspect of an application. For people who have lived in rental properties before, it is a smart idea to give a few details about the rental history of the applicant. This will help the landlords get more details about the applicants to make a more informed decision.

A good rental history will add to the value of a rental application and make it stronger than the competing applications without any details about rental history. Landlords generally ask previous landlords about the tenant and a glowing account from the previous landlord will help a rental application become stronger in terms of its competition.


First impressions are very important when it comes to such applications. Being on time and handing in the application in a complete way without any missing documents is an important step in a rental application. Usually, landlords go for tenants that are punctual, prepared and pleasant in conversation.

These small details are very important to help a tenant to make the rental application stronger than the competition. While being punctual is important, it is also important to dress properly in a formal way while submitting the rental application.

Be Honest & Prepared

It is always a good idea to be as honest as possible in a rental application. There are references and details in an application that will always help the landlord get the exact information about the tenants. Lying on an application will make a landlord instantly toss the application into the bin.

Also, there are many details on an application that needs to be verified by the landlord. It is a good idea to be prepared for an inspection of all the details that are mentioned in an application letter.


As mentioned above, a rental application is an important step for getting a rental property on lease. The tips mentioned above will improve the chances of the rental application and will make it strong in comparison to the competition. A good rental application is essential to get a great property on rent. In a competitive rental application process, these valuable tips can help an application reach the top of the pile.

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