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Everything You Need to Know About Showerhead with Beads

Did you ever see a shower with colorful beads in the clear arm? What are these beads and why are they in the shower? Are these for looks, or do they have any purpose in the showerhead? There are many questions about showerheads with beads that we will clear in this blog.

But before starting the blog, let us explain the chemistry behind adding these three types of beads to the shower arm.

Water Regulating companies add a substantial amount of chlorine in the water tanks for cleaning purposes. Unfortunately, their purpose of using chlorine is not for cleaning, but for cost-saving; as it is a cheap method.

The chlorinated water affects your hair and skin and becomes a reason for several problems such as extreme hair fall, frizziness, scratchy scalp, dandruff, broken ends, etc.

Furthermore, the addition of minerals, fluorides, and bacteria makes the situation more critical. Water contaminants are highly dangerous for people with wet or dry eczema.

After investigating these issues caused by unfiltered water; the Ion shower head is formed. It has three types of bio-active stones that have been popular for centuries for filtering water and correcting the PH value of water for better hair and skin.

image - Everything You Need to Know About Showerhead with Beads
Everything You Need to Know About Showerhead with Beads

Why are there Beads in Showerhead?

A filter shower is the only solution to different kinds of skin allergies and hair problems caused by chlorine and other minerals and chemicals. It treats the tap water and converts it into soft water right in your bathroom, which is pretty instant and interesting.

You’ll find many different types of water filters, filter showerheads, and cartridges in the market. But they are usually expensive as you’ll need to invest in the showerhead, hose, holders, and plumbing fee.

In this case, when you are unable to find a good and affordable option, we suggest an Eco Water Showerhead.

It comes with both showering and filtration solutions. It is easy to choose an all-in-one solution rather than finding the best shower that that goes well with individual filters.

There are beads in the shower that eliminate pollutants and contaminants from tap water. They soak and absorb impurities and reduce the number of minerals and chemicals from water.

Difference Between Three Types of Mineral Beads

There are three types of beads in the mineral shower head. These beads have varied names like stones or balls. Whatever you have searched for, the meaning is the same. Beads in showerheads are found in three colors; orange, white, and grey.

Are these beads the same? Is it just a color difference or do they work differently?

Yes, thrice of them are different in terms of material, nature, appearance, and function. Learn the difference below between these three types of beads in ECO Water ShowerHead.

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1. Maifan Stones

Maifan Stone or mineral balls is a mineral rock originally composed of silicate minerals. It is orange or light brown in color.

It holds a huge ability for filtration of chemical impurities, ion exchange, and heavy metals in tap water.

Maifan balls in filter showers give a gentle liberation of rich minerals and raise pH alkalinity levels.

It contains abundant nutrients, good minerals, and microelements that are essential to a strong human body. Maifan beads are very useful in treating skin tumors, ulcers, and many other diseases.

2. Alkaline Tourmaline Stones

Tourmaline beads or anion balls are grey in color with a diameter of 7-8mm. It aids in detoxification and eases the tension of the human body. It increases blood circulation, mental consciousness and stimulates immunity.

In the Ion Showerhead, anion balls change water into an alkaline state and provide a great moisturizing effect. These tiny balls and beads release far-infrared rays & negative ions and exert positive energy on our nervous system.

3. Antibacterial Activation Mineralization Stones

Antibacterial Activation Mineralization Stones or energy balls are white in color. The diameter is 7-8mm. Energy beads are particularly designed for water purification and filtration.

They are known for their antioxidant and anti-aging qualities. Energy balls are very effective in the adsorption of toxic heavy metals like lead and chromium.

Moreover, It develops stress tolerance, stimulates the body’s resistance, boosts the blood’s oxygen capacity, and improves skin and hair quality.