How to Fix Low Water Pressure in House. – As a homeowner, water supply is as important as having food. You can’t cook and wash your hands without it. Water is simply a major necessity and a must-have in your kitchen.

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If you have a low pressure of water in your pedestal sink, probably one of your family members is using the water supply to water your garden. This can be cumbersome since you can’t do two things at a time.

Before contacting your water supplier or plumber man, try to sort out things on your own. If you can solve it by means of your own effort, then better, it saves you money and it gains you plumbing skills.

How to Fix Low Water Pressure in House

There is a huge possibility that you can have a low pressure of water even if your sink and your pipe is both brand new. There are many possible causes with this case, try to check our article to see if any solution can be viable to your problems.

Pic of How to Fix Low Water Pressure in House

How to Fix Low Water Pressure in House: Low Water Pressure Problems

Check the pipes and water pressure Materials Needed

  • Water Spigot
  • Valve
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Pire cutter vies

Causes of Low Water Pressure in House & How To Fix It

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Clogged Pipes

The first thing you can do is to testing your water pressure in house with the use of an outdoor water spigot. One of the reasons why your home is having low pressure is clogged pipes —water just can’t simply go up if they pipe system is dirty.

Pic of Clogged Pipes - How to Fix Low Water Pressure in House

Clogged Pipes (How to Fix Low Water Pressure in House)

Shutoff Valves

If you just moved into your house with new pipes, try to check the valves in your faucet. This may be the obvious one, yet a lot of people try to panic and ends up calling their plumber man to get help. The valves can be shutoff, try twisting it around and make sure that it is fully open. Plumbers still charge by simply turning a valve handle, which is understandable since they obviously have to be paid for their cost.

Shutoff Valves: How to Fix Low Water Pressure in House

Shutoff Valves (How to Fix Low Water Pressure in House)

Local Water Pressure

If your house utilizes a city water, contact your local department to do specific pressure reading. The normal and ideal psi is in between 45 to 55. If you get 40 and lower, you have a low water pressure in house for sure. If you don’t want to bother calling someone —not a phone guy. Then you can test the water pressure by yourself.


Take out the pressure gauge and hook it up to an outdoor water faucet. Then, simply just turn on the water. The gauge works by itself and instantly gives you reading. If the reading is in low psi measurement, it can be that your city is currently experiencing water supply shortage.

The Sizes Of Your Pipe

Pic on The Sizes Of Your Pipe -- How to Fix Low Water Pressure in House

The Sizes Of Your Pipe (How to Fix Low Water Pressure in House)

If you have an adequate reading of water pressure and still experiencing low water pressure in your home. Try evaluating the size of your pipes. Having small pipes can be one of the reasons why many families are experiencing the same problem that you are facing today. You may ask for a plumber assistance to help you evaluate your water pipe system.

If the problem is pipe fitting, you need to learn how to cut galvanized pipe to make adjustments in it. You will need a pipe cutter, ideally with rotary blades. Place the pipe in a vice tool, so it will be tightly held in a straight position. Place the pipe cutter in line with the thread you want to cut. Then, just simply twist it for around many times, until it loosens and until the excessive pipe falls off.

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Water Pressure Booster System

If after cleaning the pipe and having an adequate water psi pressure, still does not work. You can install a water pressure booster system, which can be bought at any plumbing store, or even online. Do apply for a plumbing permit, since there are municipalities who requires reducing the psi when the pressure booster is set at 80 psi.

Just be careful in setting the psi, it may wear out washers on your plumbing fixture —this is risky since it can cause water leaks in your sink. Better get your work properly inspected.

What Should I do in Case Water Leaks?

Pic of Water Leak - How to Fix Low Water Pressure in House

Water Leak (How to Fix Low Water Pressure in House)

One of the possible cases you may face when you are plumbing is the water leak. If so, turn off the valve of the water. So, your water supply will be cut, thus stopping the water from flowing.

The item that can help you solve this type of problem is the plumber putty. Plumbers putty uses are vital, that’s why it is recommended that you should have one in your toolbox.

Just simply take some and mold it in your hands, until it becomes the same size with your pinkie finger. Take it and lay it around your strainer, it acts as a seal, thus preventing water from leaking. It super easy to use and it’s effective.

Conclusion: How to Fix Low Water Pressure in House

If none of them works, then we suggest that you contact your water supplier utility and have them send one plumber man to check it out. But before anything else, see the possible solutions we have filed together, so you can work things out on yourself.

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