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How Many Calories Do You Burn Per Hour While Doing Household Chores?

No one likes washing dishes, dusting and other household chores because of the boredom that is associated with these DIY tasks.

The vigorous exercises that are performed during the household works are often forgotten by most of us. Once every homeowner realized that how these household activities can boost the happiness and protect the body from diseases, the to-do list never looks so lengthy.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Per Hour While Doing Household Chores
How Many Calories Do You Burn Per Hour While Doing Household Chores?

How Many Calories Do You Burn Per Hour While Doing Household Chores?

Every single household chore is helpful in burning the calories just like one can do during the workout. Read how many calories you can burn during each household chore:

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Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuuming is one of the household activities that greatly helpful in burning the calories in an individual. It totally depends upon the size of the room that how much you can burn the calories.

In the process, you could burn 119 calories per 30 minutes. However, vacuuming is the kind of work includes pushing and pulling movements, helpful in eliminating the calories from the arms and the legs as well.

Cleaning Dirty Dishes

Cleaning dirty kitchen dishes offers an ability to reduce the anxiety in the humans. Such activity does not require any concentration as the whole task can be accomplished with a free mind.

A person can burn a total amount of 170 calories per hour in this task. More, it is also a great time for practicing breathing exercises.

Mopping Floors

Spending quality time in mopping the floors not only leaves the floors clean but also helps in burning the calories during the whole process. Cleaning home floors is equals to 269 calories being burned in 30 minutes.

More, if the floors have extra dirt, it can burn up to as much as 187 calories in just 30 minutes.

Making Up the Bed

Making the bed early in the morning provides the greater sense of well-being in humans. This will keep the homeowner more energized throughout the whole day.

This activity is helpful in burning 70 calories per an hour. More, leaving the bed messed up can give rise to unnecessary stress.

Cleaning the Bathrooms

Cleaning a bathroom is helpful in reducing the chances of diseases and helpful in lowering the calories in the human body.

The activity of cleaning in the bathrooms can burn up to 256 calories per hour. Apart from burning the calories, such an activity prevent mold from growing.

Cleaning the Bathrooms
Cleaning the Bathrooms


Another most useful household activity to burn the calories is the gardening. One can put on the gloves in hands and start gardening during the spring season. Getting your hands into the garden can help you burn 376 calories per hour.

Washing Clothes

Doing different laundry tasks like washing clothes, drying, folding and organizing in the closet is just another task that can helpful in burning the calories.

While washing and folding laundry, one can burn up to 148 calories per hour which is equal to 40 minutes weight loss session.

Dusting the Furniture

A regular dusting leaves your home looks clean and keeps the human body healthy as well. There is a number of household chores that can burn a huge amount of calories and one of the best activities is the dusting. Performing dusting can burn up to 166 calories per hour spent.

Working with different home cleaning chores is an ideal way to complete the mini workout. During these different cleaning sessions, one can seriously burn calories much like a gym session. Additionally, if cleaning is somehow a challenging task for you, then you can also prefer to hire professional house cleaners. Hiring a cleaner can better handle your household chores and offers you a great peace of mind.

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