Keep Your Drain Pipe Clean with a Good Kitchen Sink Strainer

Keep Your Drain Pipe Clean with a Good Kitchen Sink Strainer

There is a dirty little secret that homeowners should be aware of: you could cut down the number of visits your expensive plumber makes to your house if you installed a kitchen sink strainer. This simple solution, which may cost you an average of $15, could have a huge impact in the health of your drain pipes.

Catching most of the food particles that could settle and stick to your pipes, a strainer could lengthen the time your pipes get clogged each year, thus reducing the amount of chemicals that you use to clean them. But the reality is totally different as the majority of households go by their daily lives washing down their kitchen sinks large food particles that build up in their drain pipes resulting in continues clogging and even permanent damage.

Keep Your Drain Pipe Clean with a Good Kitchen Sink Strainer
Good Kitchen Sink Strainer

Kitchen sink strainers are simple but practical kitchen sink accessories that can add years to your drainage system. Though mostly made of metal (stainless steel for the most part), you can find strainers made with plastic and even silicone. Regardless of the material that you choose for your kitchen sink, it will work to catch all of those food particles that may end up clogging your pipes.

Some models of strainers even come with locking mechanism that blocks water flow, perfect for filling-up your kitchen sink whenever necessary. Though a simple strainer seems like a great solution, this accessory by itself won’t guarantee that you will have clog-free pipes. Plumbers recommend some TLC every ones in a while to make sure that your pipes are working in perfect condition.

Cleaning Tips

Every time you the dishes or process food items in your kitchen such as meats and vegetables, make sure to clear all of the debris collected in the strainer. You must do this frequently and it only takes a second to remove the strainer and discard it in your trash can or a nearby garbage bowl. Some strainers may be a bit difficult to clean and so it is recommended that you keep a brush nearby to clear it every time it gets clogged with small particles.

Every time you finish working in your kitchen sink (preferably each night before going to bed), mix water and dish soap, pour it down your drain and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then open the water faucet and let fresh water run for about a minute, washing away any food particles that may have accumulated in the pipes.

If you use drainers with locking mechanisms, make sure to clean these thoroughly to make sure that this mechanism doesn’t stop working or the rubber seals fail after careless use, resulting a water leaks every time you fill-up your sink.

Don’t let your kitchen drain pipes become a costly burden. Install a kitchen sink strainer and keep your pipes clean and healthy.

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