Featured of VLine Closet Vault II Gun Safe & In-Wall Cabinet

V-Line Closet Vault II Gun Safe & In-Wall Cabinet

The V-line closet vault is designed to install in between the wall the reason is to give you an extra room on the inside. So, you have enough room for couples with long guns, depending on the gun.

V-Line Closet Vault II Gun Safe & In-Wall Cabinet

VLine Closet Vault II Gun Safe & In-Wall Cabinet

V-Line Closet Vault II Gun Safe & In-Wall Cabinet

There is a pistol rack in the vault. There are half shelves and full shelves as per the size of the guns. So there are a lot of optional items or features in V-Line Closet Vault II Gun Safe & In-Wall Cabinet. There are simple push button locks very easy to use.

Push the buttons to turn the knob in. For added security, you have two key locks as well to give you a three-point locking system.

If you’re serious regarding wanting some thicker steel protection for storing your long guns within the wall, this may well be the choice for you.

The Closet Vault II wall gun safe from V-Line is encased with fourteen gauge steel.

It comes with a complicated 3-point lockup mechanism and provides you with a novel and convenient thanks for storing your long guns, handguns, and alternative valuables.

The frame and door of this gun safe protrude a pair of inches from the wall, which suggests it’s some additional depth for a lot of space for storing. It still may be put in into the studs, however, will a wonderful job of maximising the area it’s.

The gun safe options AN adjustable black foam barrel guard to guard your long guns against injury. It may be tailored to AN array of choices like a 0.5 shelf, full shelf, peg door panel and sidearm hangers.

No key required here. This gun safe uses a simplex lock. the protection mechanical lock ensures the best security – you’ll set one in all up to one,081 totally different combinations!

Moreover, the steel lockup rods offer extra security for your keep things.

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This in wall gun safe gets fancy:

You can purchase accessories to rearrange the inside simply the approach you wish it. you’ll purchase side arm racks and additional shelves to rearrange within. Since the door is pegged, you’ll suspend pistols or store alternative things on the door.

VLine simply extremely is aware of the way to maximize that little area with their style.

This safe gets the USA stamp! It’s created right here in our country and maybe a CA Justice Department approved the device. Although this in-wall safe comes at a far higher worth, there’s a smart reason why its options that the Stack-On model can’t vie with. Thick steel door, additional space for storing, and a lot of accessories offer this gun safe a clear advantage.

Its outer dimensions area unit 53” x 16¾” x 5¾”

Its inner dimensions area unit 49¾” x 13” x 4¾”

So the Final say on this gun safe would be that is one of the best Quick access gun safes and it will secure your home like no one else. You can even store other valuable items apart from your gun.

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