Featured of Expand the Usefulness of Used Kitchen Sink Faucets

Expand the Usefulness of Used Kitchen Sink Faucets

The industry of kitchen sink faucets has improved tremendously over the past 20 years, making a giant leap towards the future with interesting models that add functionality to even the smallest of the kitchens.

Though most kitchen sinks are sold together with their matching faucets, you can still find faucets that you can purchase separately without having to replace your kitchen sink. Before you start a quest for a new kitchen faucet, there are few things to keep in your mind.

Used Kitchen Sink Faucets

First, take into account that used kitchen sink faucets come in many styles, finishes, and configurations, each ideal for the traditional or the contemporary kitchen, for large or small families and for professionals and for home cooks.

Home cooks have a wide range of kitchen faucet styles, such as the traditional two-handle ones, the sleek single handle faucets, the pull-out ones and the wall-mounted faucets. Before you make your pick, you have to know their benefits first.

Kitchen faucets with two handles are more traditional and have been around for many years because they are reliable and because they are very affordable. And so, it is very likely that you will find faucets with two handles in most households in the country. Your choice of a two-handle kitchen faucet will influence the type of kitchen sink that you will get.

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Double-handle Faucets

For example, some models of double-handle faucets may require just one sinkhole, as all the controls are part of a single unit. But other faucets may require three holes as the entire unit may come in separate parts. If you are not looking to replace your kitchen sink, you must be certain how many holes it has before making this important decision.

Double-handle faucets

Double-handle faucets

Used Single Handle Faucets

Faucets with a single handle are much more practical and current models come in interesting designs. If your kitchen sink has one sinkhole, then 50% of the job is done for you. Single-handle faucets are practical in many ways: they can be installed in smaller kitchen sinks, they take-up less space and they are easier to clean and to maintain.

Used single handle faucets

Used single handle faucets

Kitchen Sink Faucets Soap Dispensers

Many models of these used kitchen sink faucets come with additional accessories such as sprayers and soap dispensers that require additional sinkholes. Just make sure you buy accordingly. Manufacturers are now taking their single handle kitchen sink designs to the next level creating some modern models that are very elegant.

Kitchen sink faucets soap dispensers

Kitchen sink faucets soap dispensers

Used Kitchen Sink Pull-out Faucets

For example, new models of single handle faucets are now coming with retractable parts, known as pull-out faucets. These are practical faucets engineered mainly for the ultimate kitchen environment because they offer more functionality beyond the area where the faucet is installed.

With pull-out faucets are great for large sinks (with two basins or more) and for long counter-tops as they provide an extension that can lengthen the reach of your water spray inches or even feet from the base.

Used kitchen sink pull-out faucets

Used kitchen sink pull-out faucets

Used Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

Wall-mounted faucets are ideal for kitchens that require that extra counter-top space and that allow for pipes to run on the wall. Though the most popular wall-mounted faucets require three connections, there are new models that are integrated into a single unit and require only one handle. Some of these, however, do come with separate wall-mounted accessories and you have to take that into account at the moment of purchasing your new kitchen sink faucet.

Used wall mount kitchen faucet

Used wall mount kitchen faucet


Kitchen faucets offer yet another decor style for your kitchen. Besides the obvious wall installation, you have to make sure that your sink does not come with the holes or at least cover them with matching plugs. Before you upgrade the entire look of your kitchen with a new faucet consider the material they are made of and the finish. For an attractive kitchen, you need a faucet that matches your sink and other kitchen sink accessories.

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