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How to Make the Most Out of Petite Spaces

Whether you’ve just moved in or it’s been your forever home for a while, a small kitchen can often make you feel a little claustrophobic.

Although it’s not entirely what we want from our dream home, creating a kitchen that you love in a small space is a really achievable goal.

image - How to Make the Most Out of Petite Spaces
How to Make the Most Out of Petite Spaces

Believe it or not, there are some extremely clever space-saving design ideas that can make your small kitchen look mighty! Why not give some of them a try and transform your space.


Decluttering is one of the best ways to get started. Having an excess of stuff can make your small space feel even smaller.

Before you begin any kind of work to your kitchen, take everything out of your cupboards and drawers and decide what you do and don’t need.

It may surprise you what you end up finding in the depths of your space!

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Organise Well

After you’ve decluttered and rid the room of anything you don’t want or need, now is the time to get organised.

Get yourself some space-saving storage solutions for inside your drawers to keep utensils in check, and treat your cupboards to some plate racks or pot and pan organisers to create more space than ever before.

You may also find that once everything is organised that you have more storage space available than you ever have!

The Right Lighting

Lighting can make a huge difference where any small space is concerned. Whether you opt for a statement light to really make an impact or under counter lighting to create the illusion of more space, lighting is an inexpensive way of making a big difference.

You could even opt for spotlights that sit at the bottom of your cupboards so they shine across the floor.

The Right Colours

We all know the drill – the whiter your space the lighter it will be. It’s super easy to paint everything white and then add pops of colour with your serving ware, crockery or even in your lighting with a vibrant pendant.

No matter how small your space may be and feel, there are so many ways to make it feel bigger than it ever has done. Why not give some of these tips a try and see just how much bigger you can make your space!