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Is timber flooring a good choice?

When building a house, flooring is a major decision to make. People have to go through a lot of flooring choices for their house.

Timber flooring is a popular flooring option due to the various advantages attached to it. With so many Quality Discount Timber Melbourne available it also has become economical.

Timber flooring also adds much value to the house and gives it an elegant look altogether. Let’s find out some advantages of selecting the timber flooring over other options.

image - Is timber flooring  a good choice?
Is timber flooring a good choice?

The aesthetic value

The timber flooring gives your house a naturalistic look. It gives your house a rustic look and even the old house would feel like a new one.

Plus, it also adds comfort to your house and is far better than marble or other flooring options, when it comes to comfort. The only disadvantage is that it is harder to install.

Adds value to your house

Although the maintenance cost of the timber flooring is high and it needs constant maintenance, still timber flooring adds up to the value of the house a great deal.

Therefore, it should be considered as an investment rather than cost. If you are planning to resell your house after a while then adding a timber flooring adds up value to your house in a larger way.

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As timber is a natural substance and basically wood, the natural life of it is very long. If we are maintaining it properly and taking good care of it, it can last for centuries altogether.

We can very well see this in Victorian era castles and mansions, where timber flooring has been intact for decades as a whole.

So even if you are building a house for lifelong staying timber is the best choice you can make for flooring.

The Demerits of Timber Flooring

High maintenance

As timber is made of wood, it needs constant protection and care. There should be timely cleaning of the flooring. It should be constantly protected from termites, harsh weather and normal wear and tear.

There is also a fear of timber catching fire, so that also needs to be taken care of. Overall, the cost of maintaining a timber floor is a pricey affair.

Installation complications

Timber boards are really a hard option to install for flooring. It cannot be done on our own and you need the help of professional agencies to do the same.

Plus, you also need the right equipment for the installation. This costs you more money on experts, equipment and labour.


Timber flooring in spite of its demerits is still a very good flooring option. It not only enhances the beauty and elegance of the house, but it also increases the value of the house.

If you want to resell your house then if it has timber flooring it fetches you a premium rate, way above the prevailing market rate. So, if you are planning for flooring the house, then you should go for timber.

Nowadays there are engineered types of timber flooring which can cost you less in installation and labour.

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