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Top 5 Interior Design Schools around the World

Seeking a career in Interior Design? Not sure whether it is a good option? Let us make it clear for you with a simple answer: yes, it is.

Pursuing any career in arts and crafts can be difficult but at the same bring a lot of satisfaction. And good money too.

Architecture and engineering are two branches that are becoming more and more popular around the world. In the meantime, the demand for high-quality services in these fields of work is still rising.

image - Top 5 Interior Design Schools around the World
Top 5 Interior Design Schools around the World

Therefore, it is a great choice to study Interior Design! While we are at it, let us bring up some of the best Interior Design schools around the world.

Choose one of them and you are sure to make a wonderful future for yourself.

Is studying Interior design difficult?

Well, nobody said it was easy. Interior Design is a combination of both architectural studies and engineering knowledge. You need to get the best of both worlds.

With a career in Interior Design, you can display your artistic self while following all the crucial technical processes of construction.

If this sounds like something you want to do, then you are on the right track. During your studies, you will face many ups and downs.

The most important thing is to manage your time correctly in order to have enough of it to get all your assignments done.

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But hey, there is good news! On the Internet, you will discover many useful services which can support you during your studies.

One of the most renowned websites is EssayShark, where you can find writing help for students. There are many professional writers there, who are waiting for you to let them write any assignment for you.

Not only will you meet your deadlines, but in most cases also get better grades, while having more time to do other stuff. It is a win-win situation! Now, do not worry, and choose the best school for your needs.

Royal College of Art, London, England

London is the place to be if you want to cross your paths with Interior Design. Royal College of Art, located in South Kensington, offers a two-year’s master’s program with a wonderful blend of studio and workshop-oriented classes.

At the same time, you get the chance to partake in live, real-life industry projects with many university partners – all for practising what they teach you at the College. The tutors put emphasis on personal development, which helps make each student a unique professional, ready to go on the labour market and seize the best opportunities.

Florence Design Academy, Florence, Italy

Located in the heart of the magnificent Italian city of Florence, FDA is one of the best Interior Design schools in Europe.

The Academy provides the highest quality education thanks to the well trained and professional teaching staff. You will get to know many world-renowned designers, who work for their own well-known companies and brands.

Students from more than 80 countries come to Florence to receive a proper education. If you want to become one of them, remember, that each person is approached individually by the professors, making the FDA a wonderful place for everyone.

Parsons School of Design, New York, US

You will find Parsons School of Design in the trendy area on Greenwich Village in Lower Manhattan.

This school is a part of five colleges that make the New School and it truly is one of the most famous design schools on the globe. Parsons School of Design offers both bachelor’s and master’s programs.

The tutors use New York City as a template for most modern design works. But the university also offers great tuitions and opportunities to study abroad, as they also have a campus in Paris, and some great exchange programs with the UK, Australia, Italy and Denmark.

Visual College of Art and Design, Vancouver, Canada

Located in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the Visual College of Art and Design offers many various prospects from Interior Design to Game Design.

The school has a slightly different approach, as all the skills learned here are implemented to practical experience. All students are guided step by step through the use of space, colour and lighting.

In the end, they create a portfolio to showcase their potential to future employers. This makes VCAD a wonderful place to receive education and practice.

Aalto University, Espoo, Finland

This is a fresh proposition. The school was only established in 2010, but Aalto University has already made its reputation among world-renowned artists and designers.

The school mainly aims at giving students the opportunity to implement their design skills in architecture.

They are also focused on spatial design, furniture design, and concrete design. Throughout the studies, each student has to bear in mind that practical skills are very important at Aalto University.

This is a great choice, as far as you are not afraid of the colder climate of Finland.

The choice is yours!

Ultimately, you need to make a decision on your own. There are many wonderful schools around the world.

If you want to study Interior Design, maybe there is a bachelor’s or master’s program in your hometown? All in all, we hope that the five mentions we made in this article will help you make the best decision.

We wish you good luck and hope that one day your designs will be known in every corner of the Earth.