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How to Stage Your Home to Sell

So, you’ve deep cleaned the carpet, scrubbed the ring around the tub, and given the walls a fresh coat of paint.

You may find it tempting to list your house for sale. However, if you neglect the crucial step of home staging, it could mean the difference between showing a buyer your house vs their house.

Home staging creates an appealing space for buyers, hoping you spend less time on the market. This should not be an expensive or complicated process.

Simply keep these basic principles in mind.

image - How to Stage Your Home to Sell
How to Stage Your Home to Sell

Clear the Clutter

This has to be your first priority. You’ve poured your heart into your house to make it a home, but now it’s someone else’s turn.

Clearing the clutter doesn’t mean having to throw away everything that doesn’t bring you joy unless that’s your thing.

You only need to let your non-essentials take a back seat so the buyer can envision their lives unfolding before them. If you’re asking: “What do I do with my stuff?” Almost 2 Easy Moving & Storage is here to help.

They will take care of any temporary storage needs you have, then move everything to your new home when the time comes.

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Curb Appeal

The old adage, “you only have one chance to make a first impression” holds true with curb appeal. Consider what people see when they arrive. Observe everything curbside.

Do the bushes or trees need trimming? Do the driveway and sidewalk have stains that need pressure washing? Is the paint on the siding chipped or stained? This will be a prospective buyer’s first impression.

Remember, your front porch is literally inviting people in, so make sure this space feels inviting. Depending on the size of your porch, small patio furniture does the trick.

No room for patio furniture? Set up a scene with clean gardening gloves and tools with small potted plants. While you are staging the front of the house, don’t forget the back.

This is where families gather and children play. Make sure it reflects those sentiments.

Set the Scene

A well-staged home has a story to tell. A potential buyer should see scenes showing the possibilities that lie ahead. Instead of an empty dining room table, set out dinnerware waiting for a family meal.

Add a tray with a teapot and teacups to the coffee table in the den to invite conversation. Make sure all bedrooms and bathrooms are tidy with fresh, clean linens. Adding a vase of cut flowers or potted plants provides added warmth.

Your focus is to arouse emotion during a showing while keeping in mind the first step: clean and clutter-free.

Brighten up Space

Simply put, dark is drab and light is lovely. Start with what nature has to offer. Begin by opening the curtains and blinds.

Do you have a room with a view? Flaunt it! Is the view a clunky outdoor A/C unit? Tilt blinds upward to allow sunlight to reflect off the ceiling, yet hiding anything that could become a distraction.

After you have brought in as much natural light as possible, turn on all overhead lighting. Now, begin a walkthrough, taking stock of each room to identify areas that remain hidden in the shadows.

Strategically placed inexpensive lamps will bring in the rest of the light you need.

With home staging, your realtor will be an invaluable resource. Realtors can give you great tips on how to adopt a buyer’s perspective.

You’ll find that the time and effort spent benefits everyone. While you are going through each step remember: you are preparing your house to become someone else’s home.