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6 Interior Designs and Home Staging That Will Ensure a Quick House Sale

If you want to sell your house, chances are that you are looking for ways to increase its value and attract many potential buyers.

Many home sellers are utilising different interior decorations and home staging methods to make their homes more attractive to potential buyers.

Home staging helps improve the various aspects of your property to make it more appealing to potential buyers.

The National Association of Realtors statistics in 2017 showed that 49% of buyer’s agents acknowledge that home staging plays a critical role in sealing a home sale.

image - 6 Interior Designs and Home Staging That Will Ensure a Quick House Sale
6 Interior Designs and Home Staging That Will Ensure a Quick House Sale

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  1. Depersonalise Your House

After buying a house, many people take numerous steps to personalise their homes for convenient and comfortable living.

During home staging, ensure that you adopt interior designs that appeal to a wide range of people, something that you can do by utilising neutral colours.

This is vital because it will ensure potential buyers can see themselves living in the home without considering modifying it.

If you have anything religious, do away with it and try to make the house as neutral as possible.

  1. Focus on Areas that Count

When changing the interior design of your home and staging it for sale, focus only on things that will add value to it.

Some of the major concerns for many homebuyers include the master bedroom, kitchen and living room. As such, your entire home staging efforts should focus on these areas.

Some places that are of less influence to homebuyers include guest rooms, bathrooms and children’s bedrooms. As such, avoid spending too much resource on them.

This, however, does not mean that you neglect them. Ensure you keep them descent and appealing to potential buyers.

  1. Conduct a Thorough Cleaning

If you want to get a fast house sale, you must clean your house as you have never done before.

Although you are accustomed to spring cleaning to get rid of clutter, a thorough cleaning is required before potential buyers visit your property.

Cleaning should target every aspect of your house with special attention to the kitchen countertops, bathrooms, stores and the backyard.

  1. Lighten Up Your House

When preparing your house for a fast sale, ensure that you utilize the natural light to lighten it up.

Many homebuyers today do not want dimly lit rooms, which means that brightening them could change your fortunes for the better.

Consider opening the window blinds to allow more light in which will make the rooms appear larger. Switch all the lighting on, including the closet lights, lamps and garage lights.

Lighting makes a home friendlier and welcoming and can help convince potential buyers to purchase your property.

  1. Go Neutral with Wall Paintings

Many homeowners go for specific wall paintings to customise and personalise their homes.

If you want a house sale fast, consider painting your house in neutral colours because that is appealing to many people.

The painting of your home will help create a good first impression on potential buyers. If you fail to use neutral colours, many prospective buyers are likely to have a negative first impression.

Some of the neutral colours that you should consider for your house when preparing to sell it include taupe, grey and white.

  1. Rearrange the Furniture

One vital way to stage your house for a speedy house sale is by rearranging your furniture. When doing this, you must get rid of damaged and old furniture and store them far from the eyes of potential buyers.

The furniture arrangement should be made in a manner that is attractive and capable of creating room for straightforward navigation through the different rooms of your home.

Staging your furniture along the perimeter of the office often has a positive impact because they make rooms appear enormous as compared to arranging them at the centre.


Do you want to make a fast house sale? If you do, consider utilising interior designs and home staging designs that depersonalise your home and make it appealing to a broader clientele.

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