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How to Renovate Your Bathroom During Coronavirus Times

Our behaviours have had to change significantly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As restrictions are slowly being eased, social distancing will be more important than ever.

If you have been considering a bathroom renovation, now is a good time to support a local business and get the job done right. Renovating will require communication with tradespeople, and this should be done as safely as possible.

You may opt for a super efficient sanicompact toilet because it is easier to install and maintain than any other regular toilet. It is perfect for bathroom remodelling projects at home.

image - How to Renovate Your Bathroom During Coronavirus Times
How to Renovate Your Bathroom During Coronavirus Times

Whether you are looking to add new shower curtains or bathtub or an automatic soap dispenser, Here are our top tips for how to renovate your bathroom during coronavirus times:

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Book a Virtual Appointment

Traditionally you may have met face to face, but innovative bathroom renovators such as WA Assett are doing things differently. Online consultations are now available, to give you the same excellent service without any risk.

Communicate via video chat or the phone as much as possible, to minimise contact with those in the company. This will protect both you and the renovation team.

There may be times when you need to make selections in person, and this should be done by appointment in order to avoid too many other customers.

Pay by Card

Most businesses are now encouraging payment by card, and bathroom renovators are no exception. Once the job is complete you may be able to tap and go, or even make a payment over the phone for a contract-free service.

For your peace of mind, you can ask for a receipt to be mailed or emailed to you, and check that the correct amount has been taken from your account.

Keep Your Distance

While it may once have been considered rude to say no to a handshake, these days it is acceptable. Close contact is known to spread the virus, so keeping your distance is essential.

If you can, leave your home while the tradespeople get to work and come back to a surprise bathroom makeover!

Remember, your renovators will be taking every precaution to ensure the environment is safe, and that proper hygiene measures have been implemented.

Make it as Easy as Possible

Your renovation team should have clear access to your bathroom. Try to eliminate any clutter before they arrive so they can get in, and get the job done. You may even like to supply hand sanitiser and give it to them on arrival.

Don’t offer your tradespeople a drink or watch them work. While it may feel impolite, keeping your distance will be appreciated.

Ask your renovators to notify you before coming as this will give you time to prepare for their visit. Once they leave you can wipe down any surfaces with a strong disinfectant.

A Good Time to Renovate

Now could be the perfect time to renovate as you will have more time at home to plan the project. Plus, if you are working remotely you won’t have to take time off work to wait for tradespeople.

Why not support a local business and the economy, while getting the bathroom you have always dreamed of? With a few precautions, your bathroom renovation can be a success and completed safely and efficiently.