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Fix and Restore: 4 Primary Keys of a Cheap Bathroom Renovation

Home improvement is one of the most expensive projects a homeowner could want. The kitchen and bathroom are usually the areas a homeowner would renovate. Unlike before, the bathroom today is more than just a functional space. It’s the only area in the house where you can spend your time alone for self-pampering or if you want a spa-like experience.

Homeowners often leave the bathroom as it is. But if you’re looking for a bathroom remodel, you may have found yourself into one of the most complicated, costly, and complex projects of home improvement.

Primary Keys of a Cheap Bathroom Renovation
Fix and Restore: 4 Primary Keys of a Cheap Bathroom Renovation

Primary Keys of a Cheap Bathroom Renovation

People think of the bathroom as a typical room which you use to complete your daily routine. But there’s more to a bathroom than making you fresh and beautiful. They say that bathroom remodeling is expensive, yes it is, however, there are plenty of ways to cut off your expenses and lower your bathroom renovation cost.

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Plan Before You Start

First and foremost, before you start the project, planning is essential. It’s a rule to every home improvement project. Homeowners want to portray first on what’s their goal. They need to visualize their objective. When it comes to planning, it’s essential for a homeowner to hire an architect or a designer.

It seems costly for someone who wants to remodel their bathroom on a tight budget. However, you need to choose the materials on your own. In this way, you’ll have a better look at the prices and the quality of each building material with the help of a professional.

A settled plan with a professional assures you that your design, timeline, and especially your budget are on point and realistic. It will give you an objective with the right course. One essential reminder is that hiring a designer saves you time and money, so don’t make any costly errors.

Go for Cheap Alternatives

Bathroom renovation is without a doubt an expensive home improvement project, from the flooring, cabinets, fixtures, lighting fixtures, and to countertops. You will need a significant amount to have your bathroom updated completely. Instead of spending too much money on a full revamp, try to search for low-cost substitute materials that are on your budget.

Go for Cheap Alternatives
Go for Cheap Alternatives

Alternative building materials today have surfaced in the market, and these materials are less expensive and have a look that’s good as the original. For example, instead of purchasing a real wood plank for your flooring, try vinyl flooring. You may want to have the real wood plank for your bathroom flooring, but it’ll only destroy your entire budget for the project.

Old school vinyl flooring is gone, and things have changed. Vinyl now is looking more contemporary than other flooring materials, and with innovations such as (LVF) luxury vinyl flooring, your bathroom will surely look good as new.

Tile Your Countertop

Countertops are one of the most expensive and essential material when it comes to the bathroom. A countertop can help you place all your bathroom materials, so it must be durable and has the right countertop material to withhold anything without a problem. Of course, you have to choose a cost-effective countertop for your bathroom.

There are a wide variety of bathroom countertops in the market today, and the majority of them are expensive. So if you ever decided to have a slight upgrade in your bathroom, you should keep in mind that you have to choose the material that’s on your budget. Rather than having tiled flooring, which will cost you a lot, you can try to have a tiled counter instead.

Tiles are the most efficient alternatives to a stone slab. A tiled countertop also resists water, but it costs a lot less than the other countertops and has almost the same characteristics of a stone slab.

Keep the Plumbing Intact

When having a bathroom renovation project and you’re on a tight budget, it’s better to keep plumbing intact. There’s a reason why you have to work with a professional, and one of it is this.

Keep the Plumbing Intact
Keep the Plumbing Intact

Changing the position of the pipes could cost you a significant amount of money, that’s why you have to resist any urge to move the original plumbing of your bathroom. Leave your toilet and other bathing facilities in their original positions and save a considerable amount of money.

If you ever decided to change your toilet, sink, and bathtub, you don’t have to remove the pipes. You can keep the expense low by installing them in the same location as the old one.


A Bathroom renovation is never easy, and it can cost you more than you could imagine. Most homeowners would prefer not to upgrade their bath as they believe it’s more practical leave it as it is.

What’s more impractical is that you don’t want to make your home “too welcoming” to others. Give your bathroom at least a small personal touch of life and make your bathroom fresh and lively by considering these four simple ways.

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